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Bloomsbury Is Still Hot Property

Estate Agent Bloomsbury, Greater London Properties are confident that the market is moving in the right direction and WC1 is still prime real estate.  Rob Hill, Director at GLP reported “Average flat prices are now 54.7% higher than they were 5 years ago in Bloomsbury, with buyers paying £468 more per square foot than they did 5 years ago, and this is rising, unlike other areas in the capital”.    The majority of stock in this area of London are flats which in the last year have achieved 3.9% increase per sq/ft. Houses on the other hand have remained the same.

Greater London Properties have sold 12.5% of properties within 3 months, this is compared with 22.2% for the whole of Central London demonstrating that Bloomsbury is an extremely sought after area and sales are still moving despite external market factors.

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