Has there ever been a better time to rent in Central London?

Over the past ten years with the astronomical increase of planning applications and loss of office space to residential supply of rental properties on the market has increased. To give you a visual scale of this; between 2010 and 2015 the equivalent in square footage terms of Buckingham palace was converted or being converted in […]

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A Landlords Market

There has been many miles of column inches dedicated to house prices since the Brexit result. Some senstantionalist articles about properties that previously were asking £1,000,000 dropping to £900,000 and talk of a crisis…

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Bloomsbury Shop Officially Open

Over twenty years ago one of my first jobs was that of a barman in a now closed venue in King Cross. The public`s perception then could not have been more different than it is today.

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Stick or Twist

With the stamp duty changes on second homes looming large and the adjustments to interest rate relief – now more than ever it is sensible to ask the question should I sell…

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