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1 bed Coniston Court, Kendal Street, Hyde Park, W2 2AN Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this t91V9FeC4n4 video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Hi, everyone. Just going to give it a couple of seconds and then we'll start the live stream. Just waiting for a couple people to jump on board. Perfect. So everyone thanks for joining us today at greater London properties. We are very excited to introduce to you. This fantastic. Third floor. One bedroom apartment, which is set in a highly desirable private residential block. We are situated. Just a few minutes. Walk from Hyde Park, obviously very desirable in the current climate.

With the loads of outside space, you've got Marble Arch in Oxford Street all on your doorstep as well, perfectly located for anyone looking to live in the heart of London and experience the best elements of the city we have got caught at Village which is literally on the, on your doorstep, which is got some lovely little, cafes and lots of amenities just a few short minutes walk and we've also gotten tons of Transport Lancaster gate and Paddington Main Line stations and also my

Marble Arch, which is just around the corner, as well. Now, let me show you the flat. I've started off in the open plan living kitchen area. We have over 500 5 Square just over 500, 5 square foot of flat here. So you can see it's in really good condition. Just going to zoom around now. So this is as you enter the

Property really good height of the ceilings for a third floor. Flat.

As you decorated carpets in the living room and the hallway, and you got a nice little dining area here. As I said, we are on the third floor. We are overlooking Kendall Street, and cannot street. So a lovely area there as well. And then he got really nice High large Windows to give you, lots of natural light, then you go very modern.

Kitchen. Everything in expect, you've got your oven, Grill fridge and freezer.

To nicely tucked away. Lots of storage units as well.

The bottom.

Who also got a dishwasher and then this is your utility. So once you organized, so this is the view from the back of the living space so inside you get you so far closed for Good TV and your kitchen.

A great night, little area to relax after A Hard Day's work or to entertain you with a couple of friends around on our right. You've got the front door, you do have the phone system to let people in and then lots of space for shoes coats opposite.

All the way there and to write. Again more storage space. Lots of storage in the surf and it's flat, which is great to see, and you got to realize modern bathroom.

Mozzie tiled.

You got your walk-in rain shower.

And until he's at our toilet so you everything's fixing bathroom, just read equality. And then to our left we have got the lovely large bedroom.

Perfect. Queen size set again. Lovely, High ceilings.

Big Windows looking out to Kendall Street, think any got your great storage space for your clothes. So it really is a nicely well just flat

Thinking it is in a condition where you can just move in.

And if you want to be in the heart of London, it's perfect. I'll just go back to through the living space to weed out the particulars.

So Helen. Yes, this does have a lift. I should have said, sorry. So we got the third floor. We have got a lift. It's also has a porter 24-hour concierge. So they'll be there to look after post position etc etc which is a great benefit to have in these blocks. As I mentioned, we are literally a stone's throw from Hyde Park which is probably one of the most prestigious Parts. In that London least Rob the lease is a hundred fifty four years. So a really nice long lease, you know, won't have to worry about that for a very long.

Time. There is no chain for this one. It's ready to move in. Obviously, with the end of September, there is a small stamp Duty tax thing. So you can actually save a little bit of money as well, but this will definitely have time to do that and it's on the market for five hundred and fifty thousand pounds. But guys, I will leave it there but thank you so much for jumping on. We are of course, open for physical viewings. Or if you have any other questions, do you give me any a call or an email and the best number to call is 020.

7734 4062, or you can easily email me at Dan at GL, PW K. And I'd be happy to answer any of your questions or to book you in for viewing. Thanks for jumping on speak too soon. I

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