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Good afternoon, and welcome everyone to a live video tour of this stunning one-bedroom apartment on William, the Fourth Street in Covent Garden. Now before we start and wait for everyone to join, we are in the building of the flat. So you do have to dwell three entrances before you actually get into your flat, which is really nice as it’s a little secluded and private. You’ve got all the post boxes. Here, you can see a very modern flat as well building, which is really nice.

And so you are in a fantastic location with plenty of amenities, which were always short. Walk away from retail, shops restaurants bars, and a tube stations. So the closest station is at Charing, Cross station, which is a three-minute walk. You can get the bakerloo and Northern line from there. And then you also have Leicester Square station, which also has the northing and Piccadilly Circus line. So you do have pretty much everything on your doorstep which is exactly what you want.

Point when you are living in central. So if we’ve everyone has joined now, so I will start the tool properly. So I’m just gonna be here. So this is a second entrance and this is the stunning flat.

So, this is located on the third floor. And as you can see, straight away, you have the balcony, straight ahead. And then this is your stairs to go up to the flat.

Quite high up as well, which is really nice.

This is your balcony, fantastic. For the summer.

And then it’s nice. As you’ve actually got two doors here to get into the flat again, added security, which is great. So you’ve got this little hallway here, show you here. And you’ve also got your video entry system. So you can see here your buzzer up for you, actually pulls them up and then just going to take you inside of the phone.

Now, before I start walking around, I’m just going to pan around so you get an idea where everything is on the floor plan which you can find on our website. So as soon as you come up here and you do have your your balcony as soon as you come in and then on my right, you have the open plan living area and kitchen. Further tomorrow you have the bathroom and then straight ahead you have the bedroom. So I’m just going to start in the hallway.

She’s got a really good size for ways to take it down and you’ve got this really nice light, wooden flooring throughout which is fantastic. Which adds an extra bit of that modernist to the, to the fact, which is real and I could be very slick. Look,

And this is the living room and kitchen. What’s nice is the first thing you notice is how much natural light there is. That comes pouring in. You do actually have a skylight here, too, which is really nice and then you’ve got your balcony here too. So I’ve just got a question from Paul asking how big the Flyers are very good question. So this flat is 50.

Square meters or 534 square feet, which is a great size for a one bed and then you’ve got a nice kitchen tucked away. So, as you can see, I’ve got all your appliances, you’ve got your dishwasher, and then you also have your washing machine, which comes with a dryer. You’ve got your induction, hob oven, and you also have

Your fridge and mini freezer and then plenty of storage around here.

You’ve also got your sink there too, with your electric fan.

And this flat is vacant now so you could literally move in next week if you wanted to Once reference and is complete. So I’m just going to quickly show you the balcony again. So there’s actually two doors to get to the balcony, which is really nice.

And I’m very good size too. So you could definitely put like a few chairs and table are here.

And now I’m going to take you to the bathroom, the bathroom super-modern which is really nice. You look at the tiling, beautiful, even on the floor as well, really nice. You’ve also got a skylight hair as well. It’s just fantastic. So we’ve got a lot of natural light pouring in gorgeous like big and showerhead.

Give me the nice tiling throughout and then you’ve also got a little shelf here if you wanted to put your toiletries there. But behind this mirror, you do have

More shelving unit so you could put more of your toiletries in there and there’s also has a heated towel rail.

And then last but not least we’ve got this gorgeous bedroom.

That’s I’ve got another question from Stacy, asking about the windows perfect timing ever. So, I actually did want to show you the window because it actually has, is double-glazed Windows, which is amazing. So it really helps, especially because your soul Central, so you actually are and st. Martins Lane. Like I said, you’ve got everything to your doorstep. So the double glazing helped matter. There are quite a few people out and I cannot hear a single thing which is really nice and also look at these shutters there.

Amazing, very modern.

Very chic and just going to close them up so you can see how dark it can get too, which is really nice. It does block lot of sunlight and in the morning,

So you got, you got great size wardrobe. Actually, just going to show you the size of the room, so you get an idea of it.

It’s a really good size frame. So you could put your bed in between the Sox and she gives you plenty of space to walk around, and you’ve also got this space here. So if you’re working from home, you could put a desk here. If you wanted to or if you needed more storage space, you’ve got the space to utilize it which is great. And then you’ve got this amazing wardrobe space.

It’s going to open it all up for you.

New concrete that is

You’ve got a lot of clothes at myself. This is literally perfect.

And they have it. You’ve also got spotlights running throughout the flat which is fantastic.

So if you are happy with the literature, and if you want to put an offering, you can always do on our website, which is properties, dot product. UK, also, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 7734, 4062. And my name is shahnaz. And yeah, I think that’s everything.

And we also are doing physical viewing. So yeah. Like I said, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you for watching. And I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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