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[Video] 176 square meters, which is phenomenal Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this 1ZdSVZHlka4 video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Then you have,

Space here. So if you could even put like a another wardrobe, if you wanted to you've got the stir the space to basically utilize it. And again you've got these gorgeous Windows throughout the flat, super quiet, which is amazing.

And then you do have a storage space here, just going to open this up for you.

Die with me.

Additional storage space here.

Now, we're going to take you upstairs, so you can see this stunning open plan, living area and kitchen, table over all of the space is fantastic of this flower. And so, you mean, this one you're looking around.

176 square meters, which is phenomenal. So it's 1905 square feet. So let me take you to the living area and kitchen.

And how amazing is that?

And not only that, you've got two amazing, balconies, you've got the balcony heater, and then you've got a balcony, just further down where the bedroom is.

So again, could keep the furniture if you want to, you can have it completely removed.

I'm going to show you outside.

So this is the balcony for the living area. You are quite high up as Welch's with an i

And this also has underfloor heating and AC which is fantastic. So you've got all these brand-new appliances. You got this

Great size, fridge and freezer.

Also got your dishwasher here.

And then plenty of storage along here. So if you like cooking, this is perfect. Also got your induction hob, you've got a built-in microwave and oven.

And then along here as well, you've got extra storage space.

You also have your washing machine here. And this has a dryer too.

And then you've got just fantastic like that spoiler. But then you've got fantastic storage space or along here.

And then this leads to the third bedroom.

I mean, you could use this as a third bedroom. You could use this as office space. I mean, the the lighting is fantastic, here. You've also got this phenomenal balcony.

Ben, this is great for the summer. It's even great. The winter.

And this takes you all around here.

And then you've also got the third bedroom with a bathroom here. And this has the shower. You've got your mirrors here with the storage space behind.

Heated Toro.

You may have it. So if you'd like to know any more information, I want to book yourself in for a viewing, please do. So my details are at the end of this video but I will say to you right now, my name is shown as a my contact number is zero two zero seven, seven three, four, four zero, six two. You could also put an offer in through a video. So if you wish to and you can find the link to the online, I perform on our website which is

Greater London properties dot coding, UK,

Thank you for watching and I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I

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