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Hyah, I'm at the junction of Malik Bhai Street and Paddington street at the moment and I am going to show you a one-bedroom property which has been completely refurbished. It is in the building just here on the second floor. Let's go check it out.

Okay, so you get into a little bit of?

To the left, is the bedroom sitting at the back of the building.

So very quiet and privacy blinds and black outline.

I have an idea of the story of space, but you basically don't need to add much into the bedroom because there's already covered space.

And on top as well.

And this is the reception rooms with the open plan kitchen, 3w windows.

It's just me the stories. That's where your TV is meant to come.

This is Paddington Street. Love you.

And here you have your fridge. Freezer drawers. Guess hubs.

Dishwasher storage and additional storage.

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