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Okay. So this is the front door and you to the hallway here. It's all just been repainted. So all fresh.

This is the kitchen, so it's a good size.

Very quiet in here as well. You have your fridge and freezer and then you've got your dishwasher and your washer side is just more thoughts and others quite an office there.

Storage space in here.

Gas oven.

Here is story.

So don't just lose a space in the kitchen Prince of worktops. This is well. That's how you do your gas to spare. Take it into the mix. Well, actually first, this is the storage space.

It's things in here and execute. So this is the main living room. It's just been really into it as well. So it looks really well really nice like there as well. As you can put a dining table under here. Be quite nice and I've got some storage in here again. I'll just back up a bit. Yeah, so good storage space. This size clothes so you can slide that across.


And then you've got also about any here.

Here is the smallest bedroom. It's still a really good size. You could definitely still fit a double bed in here.

We should have a floor plan on the website as well.

So, you can have a look at the floor plan.

Bathroom really nicely detailed with taking care of it. Really well and all the pressures. Good, nice new Shoppers whether or not new. But I think it was in about six months ago. You're a girl. We've got a heated towel Rail, and then you've got a cabinet here and also cabinet here just inside. So yeah, I can play bathroom, nice and clean. Nice and modern.

Also got spaced on there as well.

Going to bring it into another bedroom. So some built-in storage here in this bedroom. It's like that cross.

Sighs. This is also a double bedroom. It is a bit smaller, but it's still a double think it's slightly larger. Actually than the other one. At least you've got built-in storage up here as well.

So, plenty of space. I'll just let you see the room again.

I'll just show you outside.


And then to the me and master bedroom, really good size.

Built-in storage again.

It's like that.

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