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Hello and welcome to More well Street, we've just come down from ground level to the level ground level, where we have a large one bedroom apartments available for rent. So we're just come through the main door. We've got Entry phone system. We've got this small hallway with a bathroom immediately on our left. So, a fairly basic setup. Shower overhead is a

Trig Powershell.

So, going directly into the reception room.

Which is currently part furnished.

So, some fairly good space from memory. I think it's Circa, 600 Feats square feet. Scuse me, and we've got some outside space as well, which I'll show you in a moment. Just looking towards the side here. We've got a large. Well, I say larger galley-style kitchen, which features fridge freezer.

Washing machine, a oven with electric top. Unfortunately, no, dishwasher present within the apartments. So offering another view of the reception space, it is gas, central heating. The lighting is upgraded to LED just to provide a little bit more light, given that it's a lot of ground flat, but you do have this quite generous outside space.

Or completely private to the apartment. So, just another, look there's a

Bit of a sun trap.

And the rear of the commercial buildings just to the side.

So, coming back inside?

Walking over to the bedroom space. It is quite a generous bedroom, double bedroom, believe the tenant left. This double wardrobe, which can be removed.

But very good space, good size, carpeted, with gas, central heating. This is not a storage cupboard. This is where the boiler is kept.

Some storage, I guess, to the bottom, but it's another door, escaping onto the patio Courtyard.

So available now a one-bedroom Flats on more well streets in Bloomsbury.

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