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37 Rashleigh House – 1 bed

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Hi everyone. Thanks for jumping on. You. Give me a couple of seconds. I just wait for the final few to jump on this dream.

Perfect. So hello everyone. Thanks for joining us today at greater London properties. We are very excited to introduce to you this beautiful 1 bedroom, apartment in R actually house situated on that street in the heart of Bloomsbury. The apartment is set on the raised ground floor of this beautiful Edwardian Mansion. Block, nice red bricked. Looks really pretty from the outside on a really quiet tree-lined street as well. In terms of location. The apartment is just moments away from Kings Cross and the Eurostar Lincoln St. Pancreas or one of you up.

Guess regeneration, and development projects has been of benefit to the area. You’ve also got access to the amenities of the Brunswick shopping center, and Russell Square station, UCL, and many other universities. Now, let’s have a look at the flat, so we have got 450 to square feet.

I have started here in the

Bedroom /, living space. This was rented out as a two-bed previously. So they did have the used the living space as a bedroom as well. So you’ve got lots of real. Nice big size. You have your TV and back basically all over there. Potentially. You can fit a nice sofa here. Lovely, kind of carpet.

Really high ceilings.

And just gives you the overall space. That’s your after here. We’ve got the master bedroom. You got the dual aspect Windows. You got a window on both sides. It does give off. Lots of light, loads of buildings, cupboard space as well.

So good, big size bedroom. They’re perfect for a double of queen bed.

As we go through, you’ve got a bathroom on your right.

Let’s talk finish.

Good sized bath as well because it could be updated slightly. If you wanted to create something for yourself to live in or is also perfectly rentable. Now, if you wanted to have a buy to let, you’ve got your kitchen kind of Diner area. Nice, new oven and washing machine the other good storage area.

Which freezer Etc?

This is on the market for just four hundred eighty five thousand pounds. We have it is on the raised ground floor. So events. I didn’t mention that once. We’re on the raised ground floors, you enter, there is a lift to the building as well. The service charge is 3117 a year and that does include a contribution to the reserve fund. Big benefit is a share of Freehold flat as well. So, all the flats in this block, our share of Freehold. You can get a parking permit.

And as I mentioned, you’re gonna realize secure entrance, so it’s a very cool flat. I said perfect for a first-time buyer owner occupier or someone who’s looking to invest in looking for the income. As I mentioned. It’s a very lucrative area because you’ve got Kings Cross and every on the other universities around as well. So it does prove to be a popular one. If you did want to book of you and or ask any more questions, do feel free to give me a call on 0207, 734, 4062, or you can email it down at GL. P Dot.

Do you okay guys? Thank you so much. Enjoy your weekend, and I look forward to hearing from you. Why?

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