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56 Baring Street, London, United Kingdom Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this watch video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Okay, welcome to bearing streets. This is a two-bedroom house currently occupied. So we come into the living space through the front door.

We presented with a open-plan fit-out.

So essentially, the front end of a house is the main reception space. There’s a wonderful feature fireplace. There’s double glazing, sash windows, gasps Central Heating, and the back end of the reception spaces where the open-plan kitchen is, and you’ve also got access to a small and very cute outdoor Courtyard Garden.

So, just giving you a look, again. Just trying to

Offer you the dimensions and the feel of the apartment. It is quite bright.

Some of these items do belong to the tenants. However, we can understand what is remaining and what is going to be going in a little bit more detail. So just going out towards the courtyard Garden you can see us wonderful that will sand trap.

Some additional storage space under the stairs, just few wanted to do similar to what the tenants have done here. Just make a little bit of a storage space there.

So in terms of appliances, we unfortunately do not have a dishwasher. We do have a washing machine. It does not have a drying function. Unfortunately. We’ve got a

Gas stove and a oven and a free-standing fridge freezer.

Okay, so going up the stairs, to the two bedrooms and bathroom.

So we’ll start immediately in the main bedroom, which is the larger of the two. There is some closets, which have been purchased by the landlord’s. We’ve got two very nice sash windows. These are double glazed. So it does offer some insulation and some noise protection from the road outside.

Can it says pretty good feel it’s a nice bedroom. Reasonable ceiling height.

She give you a view from outside.

Just looks onto bearing Street.

Going into the smaller of the two bedrooms. So this does have

It’s quite nice, triple fitted wardrobe here. So this is freestanding. It’s quite over full at the moment. But generally it’s some good closet space. We do have a double bed and bedside table.

And we do have some shelves.

Over there. Just the view out the window. I assume it’s to the to the Garden. Sorry. I can’t get over to to open the windows.

And finally, just concluded with a bathroom.

So, just standard bathroom Suite.

Shower overhead.

That concludes the apartment. It’s it’s it’s a bright apartment. It’s good. It’s quite cute and cozy as a very period building. So just to give you kind of give you a final conclusion on the apartment. I think it’s good value and with you with a private Garden outside space.

Lovely pop. Next door. Says nice. Little place to be.

Thank you.

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