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58 Ridgmount Gardens, London, United Kingdom Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this watch video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Okay, welcome to Rich Mount Gardens. This is a two-bed one-bath apartment. Just going through the hallway here to the reception space.

So the apartment has been completely refurbished internally. It’s been decorated to a good standard a few things still need to be done. But I think overall it’s going to be a very very nice end result.

So in the reception room, we’ve got very good ceiling height. We’ve got new gas radiator, triple sash windows facing onto Huntley Street on the first floor, facing west. So you’d go quite good light.

Certainly, in the afternoon.

So the bedrooms are positioned here.

And here I would. Categorize this to be the master bedroom.

We can go to the west-facing aspects. You’ve got fitted closet, new carpets, aerial point for television.

Second bedroom. Now, this faces towards the rear of the building. So we do have a view of the light well, which is just out there. What you can see smaller bedroom.

Would still host a double.

Obviously, you’ve got the larger Closet in here as well. Sorry, still some materials from the builders inside, but quite good closet space.

Some additional shelving as well. So bathroom with walk-in shower, just been completely retired, still some things to do, but overall, this is how it’s going to look.

Small Basin and vanity covered.

And then, finally, a galley kitchen with separate utility room. So here would have fridge freezer. We’ve got a oven with induction. Hob storage overhead.

Integrated microwave, single Slimline dishwasher. And within this room over here, you’ve got a washing machine with dryer, your gas meter and the combination boiler, which provides the heat and hot water. The central heating is controlled via the thermostat. You’ve got Entry phone system as well. So you can physically see who’s outside.


The apartment is currently unfurnished. However, it can be furnished by separate negotiation and will be available very shortly.

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