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Hi everyone, thanks for joining. If you just give us a couple of seconds are still a few people to jump onto this dream.

Perfect. I haven't thanks for joining us today at greater London properties. We're very excited to introduce to you this beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment on a quiet street. Next to Hyde Park. The flat is set in an imposing Seco fronted period building in terms of the location, we are situated. Just a few minutes walk from Hyde Park. It's perfect for anyone who wants us to experience the best elements of the city. Also close by are the amenities of cannot Village and you have Lancaster Gate underground station, which is a central line.

And five minutes. Worth of property was Patterson. You're basically Circle District, Circle, and Hammersmith also the Heathrow Express are all within easy reach. So let me show you the flat. We have 1158 square foot of this, fantastic. Newly refurbished apartment, we are. Situated. This front video

Just in the open plan. Really, lovely, kitchen living space which is towards the back of the building and it opens up into a really nice little Courtyard at the back. I just spin around. So you get a really good size view of the living space, real nice, high ceilings with spotlights, as you can see, done to really nice standard, as I walk to the other side of the room will give you a really good.

View of the lovely modern. Bespoke kitchen with all your fitted appliances

As I walk out, this is the little Courtyard. Are you have nice and clean good space for barbecues?

Really private as well? No, you never looked at all.

As you can see, got really lovely double doors that open out into the Garden area.

View of the kitchen here. Gorgeous, wooden floor, and threw out, and really nice finish to the kitchen as well. Lots of fitted units, real large fridge, freezer, plenty of space, to do your kick in and to store all your what needs even a great space for a dining table, which separates the kitchen to the living space, and you've got your heated heat deciding on the walls. Nice modern heaters as to

As we come out of the living space, but plenty of storage in the hallway, you've got your water.

So there.

Again, everything

And the wooden flooring is throughout the whole apartment.

Go downstairs.

Family glass toilet with a nice modern, modern finish.

Tom, all the way and straighten. We have the

First bedroom.


Big size room here, looking out into a little other second Courtyard, you have as well. So you've got two bits of outside space.

I can show you here, plenty of space for a large king, size bed, and you got all your fitted storage units as well at the back.

Your bathroom is just out to the left. So it is ensuite again really nice walk-in shower.

Toilet heated, rail rack, real of your first to this one.

As we head towards the front of the building.

Again, you heaters on the wall so it doesn't take up any space. Then we got the second bedroom here. Again, really nice finish as you go.

Really nice large.

Bedroom. Perfect. Again, for a king-size, you've got your window facing

Strap in place, and then you've also got your second on sweetie. So, both bedroom. Both bathrooms. I mean, sorry, you got your walking storage here.

Both bedrooms really lovely sizes.

Finish his Immaculate but your family bathroom just outside the second bedroom.

But UB rain shower again, realize furnishings.

This is your front entrance.

Serena's grandeur.

When you go to add a service area with your fuse boxes and nice and tucked away, we'll do is we'll head back through to the living space to get another idea. So to a right, got your second bedroom and your family bathroom.

You know the nice storage space in front of you. As you enter to put all your coats and shoes in.

Swing around your en suite.

Another downstairs loo to the left and I said, opens up into this beautiful living space at the back of the flat.

Now this is on the market for 1.3 million. As I said, beautifully newly refurbished. You have got a really long lease of a hundred eight years,

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