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St. Christopher’s Place

Always Something Amazing to Savour at St. Christopher’s Place

Always Something Amazing to Savour at St. Christopher’s Place

St. Christopher’s Place is only 0.2 km long but a shopper’s and foodie’s paradise that makes it even more pleasurable to rent in Marylebone. What was originally a slum that lead to the gallows, the area moved past its rather troubled history in the 1870s to become a marketplace for traders and a meeting spot for anarchists. In the 90s, the area was redeveloped as a shopping street with an excellent choice of boutiques, shops and restaurants. For the purposes of this post, we will limit our discussion to the street’s status as a hidden food gem.

A number of restaurants offering an array of international cuisines call St. Christopher’s Place home, which means locals really are spoilt for choice as far as dining options go. Whether you want to enjoy breakfast at a café, enjoy outdoor views, bring your client over or hold a private dinner, St. Christopher’s Place is a one-stop destination that promises great food and experiences for anyone seeking to rent in Marylebone.

St. Christopher’s Place Cuisines

The cuisines you can tuck into include British, French, Italian, Japanese, Thai, American, Spanish, Sri Lankan, Turkish, Lebanese and Mexican. Rated as a reliable go-to place for modern Italian food, Carluccio’s breakfast, lunch and dinner menu incorporates artisanal products sourced from Italy and scrumptious fresh produce. Another top-rated favourite is Sofra, which is famous for Turkish mezze, along with a delectable Mediterranean menu. Their warm bread appetiser with jam and cream is a high point. The set menu and a la carte menu both offer good value for money. Being small, it can feel cramped on a busy day, but the fantastic food and lively vibe makes up for everything.

If you’ve just started living in Marylebone and need directions to a historic restaurant, our estate agent Marylebone, Greater London Properties will recommend Lamb and Flag, housed in a Georgian listed building dating to 1813. The English pub has a traditional interior, delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and a top-notch selection of ale and wine. Prefer to lunch at a familiar fast food chain? St. Christopher’s Place houses a Nando’s, Starbucks, Costa and Pizza Express. Suffice to say, there’s always a great restaurant or café to relax at after a shopping trip or walk around the area.

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