St Giles

St Giles Area Guide

Most estate agencies won’t advertise this area specifically in their guides however we decided this would be a big mistake, especially due to the recent amount of new development taking place in the area with much more still planned.

We describe St Giles as the gap bridging together Soho and Covent Garden which in our minds means you get the best of both worlds without necessarily paying the premium of living centrally in either location. Saying that, this is quickly changing with more business’s moving into the area and restaurant chains and shops arriving within the new (and extremely grand) Central St Giles Piazza.

Being sandwiched between Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue there is a large Asian influence including delicious local Vietnamese cuisine and at the other end the well-known China Town. Shopping wise the area is dominated by specialist shops and no doubt will expand even more when cross rail is eventually finished.

This is definitely an area to watch and the development still to come will add an interesting new dimension to the West End.

Feel free to come in and discuss opportunities in this area and we will happily show you our current portfolio in this area.

West End Local Authorities

West End is represented by Westminster Council which holds the responsibility for delivering services in your area.

Council responsibilities

The council is responsible for all council services and duties, which include Social Services, housing, education and planning. If you’ve a specific question for this council, please visit their website to get contact details for key departments.

Westminster Local Authority

West End Council Tax Rates

Council Tax is worked out by your local council who sets the Council Tax rates for each year. Your property postcode will determine which council you will need to pay. There are currently 1 council covering the West End area.

Council tax rates for each Local Authority


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