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Ones Of The Best Breakfasts In London

Best Breakfasts In London

The adage “eat like a king for breakfast, a common man for lunch, and a pauper for dinner” has held in most communities across the world. London is no exception, and this bustling metropolitan does its best to ensure that Londoners have enough opportunity and variety to start their day with a good meal. Here is a list of some of the best breakfasts in London.


There’s nothing compared to the sizzling-hot breakfast at Hawksmoor served on a skillet pan. Picture this – a cold, drizzly morning – with a healthy, protein-rich breakfast sizzling away on a skillet pan. It’s complete with smoked bacon chop, short-rib bubble and squeak, trotter-baked beans, a lovely gravy, and grilled bone marrow. And did we mention that this is considered to be one of the best breakfasts in London? Eggs – done to your liking, toasted bread, black pudding, and some nicely grilled sausages are to die for over here.

The Regency Café

This café has been around since as long ago as the 1940s and was known to serve the best British grub back then. Their reputation remains the same, and they are still famous for some of the best breakfasts in London. But it’s not just the food that you will fall in love with here.

The interiors are pretty impressive, with pictures of Tottenham Hotspur players lining the walls. In fact, there is a chance that you would have spotted this café in a variety of films and TV shows, including the 2004 hit – Layer Cake.

Just because this place is exceptionally well known does not mean it is highly-priced either. You can get a satisfying breakfast for as little as 5.50.


Want to try something other than the standard bacon, eggs, and hash browns? Then you must visit Dishoom – an Indian-British breakfast. We recommend their bacon naan – a fusion dish made up of naan bread on the outside that protectively houses layers of sugar-coated, crispy bacon, hot, melted cream cheese, and lovely coriander and chili tomato jam.

Another fusion dish you will love if you like a bit of spice in your breakfast is the Big Bombay Breakfast. It consists of akuri, or spicy scrambled eggs, which are a delicacy from Mumbai, with streaky bacon – perfectly smoked, Shropshire pork bangers, masala baked beans, perfectly grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, and richly butted pav buns. And if you want to go the whole hog way, opt for a cool, refreshing lassi instead of coffee to finish off.


Imagine breakfasting with celebrities. That’s what might end up when you breakfast at Wolseley. The Eggs Ben here is known to be the best in London at just 7.50. For a luxurious treat, you can order the sumptuous caviar omelette at 70.

Covent Garden Cafe

This breakfast joint will prove to you that healthy eating can be super tasty as well. Wholesome porridges, toasties, and birchers are all inspired by the time spent by the owner, Alex Hely-Hutchinson, in Copenhagen. We recommend the almond-milk-soaked oats with chia seeds, but if you would like to try something super exotic we recommend the cicely porridge.

Apres Food Co

This lovely spot sorts healthy, lush plants in concrete pots against blue and white tiled floors. Bleached wood and prettily arranged wine bottles add to the appeal of this multi-cuisine breakfast joint.

Frittata muffins are created dramatically in muffin cases with eggs, tomatoes, herbs, and olives. Also, you may reward yourself with well-season sweet potato hash when you feel like beginning your day with some mouth-watering comfort food. There are also featherlight sponges, meaning that you get a wide variety that most other breakfasts don’t offer.


When in London, your trip is not complete until you’ve visited the Caravan. Don’t forget to try out their baked eggs with tomato pepper ragout, toast, merguez sausages, and Greek yoghurt. Try this place out when you are not in a rush and have the time to enjoy your breakfast. You could plan a Sunday morning here to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy a slow, but thoroughly refreshing and satisfying breakfast.

Novelist Somerset Maugham once said, “To eat well in England, you should have breakfast three times a day.” While this is really not necessary, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to eat nothing but breakfast.

The city has a reputation of serving some of the best breakfasts – a tradition that goes back centuries. The traditional morning meals for the upper class were healthy, nutritious, and satisfying to enable them to go on long hunts. They also gave the wealthy of the industrial revolution a chance to show off their tables stocked up with exotic ingredients.

Hopefully this has given you something to think about – grab the best breakfast in London and set yourself up for the day!! While you’re at it check out our website!

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