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Best Instagram Photo's In London

Best Instagram Photo’s In London

Best Instagram Photo’s In London

How do we achieve the best Instagram photo’s in London?  One of my personal achievements in life is getting the perfect Instagram post and the key to this is all in the lighting, angle but most importantly setting and feature. London is filled with amazing places to take your perfect picture, you just need to find them…. here are some tips from Central London’s Estate Agent, Greater London Properties.

Colour filled Covent Garden, known for the beautiful plaza right at its heart. The plaza is filled to the brim with brightly coloured Instagram worthy flowers just waiting for the right person to pose in front of and get that photo.

 On to the quirky but stunning Soho, one of the most inclusive areas you will ever visit and obviously as it is pride they are all for it. So, if you’re looking to add the rainbow into your feed to show support this is the place for you everywhere you look there’s flags to help you out- shop designs, pub windows and even the post boxes!  Go see the parade this weekend – Pride in London.

 For one of the best Instagram photo’s in London – visit Fitzrovia.  Here is full of incredible cafes and restaurants, full of gorgeous food, beautifully presented with celebrity chefs creating master pieces that deserve the Instagram spotlight!  And not only is the food delicious, so are the interiors of the venues, their rustic vibes creating the best atmosphere and feel for a perfect shot.

 Next up is beautiful Bloomsbury the architecture wonderland, you will never be disappointed around here. Right in the centre there is the Brunswick centre which by itself is so elegant and flowing but is also surrounded by open brick buildings showing London’s architecture skills to its finest.

 And finally, Marylebone a mixture of all – Marylebone really is London in a nutshell. It has the food, greenery and history along with eye-catching buildings that you just can’t help but stare at and wonder how such beauty is on such a large scale. Marylebone is the perfect place to get some of the best Instagram photo’s in London. 

 For more information on all these area, and to get some local knowledge please visit our Greater London Properties website or give our team of property experts a call on 0207 113 1066. 

 Good luck and Keep Instagramming @glp_estateagent

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