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Best Parks In London

Where are the Best Parks In London?

Central London is the place to be this summer but where are the best parks in London!  Starting on 21st July is the “National Park City Week” the first of its kind! An entire week is dedicated to celebrating the stunning greenery across the city with more than 270 activities and events. All through the week, you get to explore lesser known and well-known tree trails, waterways, urban wildlife and much more.

Activities and events range from explorations of green spaces, workshops, boat trips, tree trails, bike rides and talks on wildlife. You can also explore opportunities to tend to the green spaces.

All these exciting events are leading up to the naming of London as the “National Park City” in the coming year. One of the major reasons people are looking for properties to rent in Central London is the abundant greenery in the area.  So to find the best parks in London, your estate agent Central London Greater London Properties recommends visiting these royal parks during and after the National Park City Week!

St James’s Park: Starting with one of the best parks in London, and also the oldest in London, this Royal Park has three palaces including St. James’s Palace, the ever popular Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament flanking it. St. James’s Park merges seamlessly with the Green Park which is a section that occupies the northern end of the former.

Known as one of the most scenic royal park, this is the place that you can get to witness the grand spectacle of ‘Changing the Guard.’ If you are looking for some quiet moments, just stroll across to the beautiful lake at the center of the park.

Regent’s Park: This pretty park has much to offer in terms of ornamental gardens, lake and some amazing green spaces. Take up boating on the lake or feed the birds that frequent the park. In fact, Regent’s Park is the breeding center for waterfowl!

Hyde Park: It may be difficult to know where Hyde Park ends and Kensington Gardens begin! A visual treat in Central London, Hyde Park is a jogger’s paradise. There is plenty too in terms of art with a bronze statue of Peter Pan. The author of this favorite childhood story, J M Barrie, was inspired to write the story based on his experiences in this very park.

You’re spoilt for choice in this vast city of ours, but as Central London’s largest Estate Agent we can guide you and help you find your perfect pad, whether its near Hyde Park, St James or Regents Park.  There is a plethora of apartments to rent or buy – give us a call today on 0207 734 4062.

Where are the best parks in London?  Go take a walk and decide for yourself!

Hopefully this article answers your questions ‘Where are the best parks in London?’.


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