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Pizza from the Best pizza places in London

Best pizza places in London

Searching for restaurants or cafes that serve pizza in London? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the best pizza places in London, serving everything from sourdough base to classic New York style pizzas. Here’s the list.

Farina – The best pizza crust in London

Farina is where you should go if you’re a fan of pillowy or slightly charred pizza crusts with a smokey flavour. Tucked away on Notting Hill High Street in London, Farina is a sight to cherish with the tall glass windows and folding doors. If you’re a spice lover, try the Farina, topped with ‘nduja, salami, and provola. We would also recommend the Burratina topped with courgette and burrata.

Theo’s – The best sourdough pizza in London

Nestled away in Camberwell, London is Theo’s, one of the best places to try the sourdough pizza. The restaurant is also well-known in South London as the place with the best Neapolitan pizzas. If there’s one pizza you must taste at Theo’s, it’s the Scotch Bonnet nduja. Also, don’t forget to leave some room for the restaurant’s mouth-watering Tiramisu dessert.

Temper – The best American style pizza in London

If you fancy cured meat pizzas baked fresh in wood-fired ovens, Temper should definitely be on your places to visit in London. Get seated on a bar stool around the kitchen or in the dimly lit basement to enjoy your meal. There are two major types of pizzas offered by Temper, the first being the rectangular Detroit-style pizza with airy pizza bases topped with rich cheese, and the second being a crispy thin, delicious bar pizza.

Manifesto – The best seasonal pizza toppings in London

Are you a fan of the authentic Italian pizza? If you are, you’ll appreciate Manifesto’s delicious offerings made using flour from Molino Pasini, a family-run mill in North Italy. The restaurant’s pizzas also have while fior di latte brought from Puglia, and used to make biga-style dough with a semolina coated crust topped with fresh, sweet tomatoes. The pizzas in Manifesto are popular for having fresh, seasonal toppings that you have to taste while in London.

NY Fold – The best New York style pizza in London

Craving classic New York style pizzas while in London? Don’t fret! NY Fold set in Covent Garden, London, has an authentic New York-style experience to offer. Ask for a carbonara topped with pancetta, egg and double cream, or ‘Juliet’ that comes with gorgonzola dolce, fig jam, and parma ham to experience the best that the restaurant has in store.

That’s our realtor’s pick of the best pizza places in London – explore them today!

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