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Business as UNusual Live – Arabica London Interview

Business as UNusual Live – Arabica London Interview

Although the hospitality industry was probably the first one to suffer from consequences of the Covid-19, many restaurants have gone down the charity route and are helping as much as they can. How inspiring!

We are supporting small businesses during the coronavirus lockdown. To shine a light on all of the fabulous businesses that make up our vibrant West End, we have started a Facebook group, Central London’s Lockdown Support Network, to connect businesses and local residents.

Arabica London’s founder James Walters is really the best example on how to smartly use the resources available within the hospitality industry, to help the ones in need.

They already knew about Plan Zheroes as they did food collection on Borough Market every week. Arabica London is producing meals for them and Plan Zheroes distributes to vulnerable people across London. DONATE:

They also reached out to Deliveraid and are now producing 300 to 400 meals per week, which are then delivered to the NHS staff! DONATE:

Want a treat? Order a delicious meze platter here.

Thank you James!

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