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Business as UNusual Live - Interview with Coop Doggy Dog

Business as UNusual Live – Interview with Coop Doggy Dog

Today Megan from Greater London Properties was chatting live with self employed Jessica Cooper from Coop Doggy DogLondon Dog Walking Service, Dog Walking Service.

If you’re an animal lover, you want to watch this episode of #BusinessASUNusual.

Jess is discussing when she started her dog walking business, why she decided this was the right job for her, amazing home grooming tips, how to keep your dogs entertained at home and other practical tricks !!

Jessica also patricipates in @PAL – Pets Against Loneliness, a community project in North London which hosts morning teas/coffes to gather vunerable or isolated people together with their pets.

Her hip-hop themed website is absolutely brilliant and is what we need in those difficult times! Check it here and don’t miss “Meet the Pack”.

Follow the nice dog walks on Instagram.

We are supporting small businesses during the coronavirus lockdown. To shine a light on all of the fabulous businesses that make up our vibrant West End, we have started a Facebook group, Central London’s Lockdown Support Network, to connect businesses and local residents.

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