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Hello, and welcome to business as unusual. And my name is Megan from greater London properties. I hope your family are all safe and well, I'm just as a little introduction to those new people that are tuning in and joining us today and greater London. Properties have created a Facebook group called Central London's, lockdown support group and this group is mainly just to provide a platform for businesses that are still open and want people to

To know about it that there's, this is that are closed that I thinking of different ideas and in order to still generate cash Revenue as well as different organizations and Charities. Now, we've just started to do these live chats to meet the people behind the businesses and at 11:30, every single weekday. And if you didn't mean yesterday, we had a great chat with hospitality for Heroes as well, which is a really great movement for NHS Frontline staff. And today, I'm very excited about this.

One someone that our company know very well especially for myself so often and this is Barry Fox from Fox Soho. And it's a maintenance maintenance company that are based in SoHo and now have been going on for over 15 years and so Barry just to get a little started and to give a bit of background on for the people that don't know, Fox Soho at. Tell us how you got started.

Morning, I get em. Okay. Yeah we we haven't been working in. So saying, so for about 15 years we are regionally. I really was asked to start team remaining team and to running for one of the big problem companies there has been. Then when that contract finished extra 10 years ago, I sort of just based on what to decide to do. So I tried up a company. You're so foxy.

They say season has been developed over the years. We sort of said, we are voice surprise. Always surprised they see coming into solo. I just imagined it to be a sort of commercial area and the first five years in just surprise me what sort of community they reason. So obviously resident at such a large residential and Commercial community base. He's got a stick through sort of community feelings, are deciding to one basis.

Eels in the middle middle of. So basically, in and try and, you know, we try and service clients to commercial and residential from there. So yes, I never read ten years, still enjoying, that's really good. I love how you're a lot of people in SoHo do know you and it is such a great Community which I do love as well. It's just such a family feeling when you're there and which a lot of people that are not in SoHo movement wouldn't understand as opposed. And so yeah it's it's

Lovely. And then I remember, actually, when I first started working in SoHo, for greater London properties, I was still amazed how much residential in SoHo because it's where like you walk past doors every day and you don't know that it's actually a door into a residential block because there's so much commercial surrounding it. So let's say it's an eye-opener for anyone that knew. Where are you based in SoHo? So where are you actually based?

So, we've got, we've got an office in Moore Street, which is the largest of the end of Old Compton Street, and we've got a lock up and store in things, so, we're sort of. So, we say some, we basically, we tried, we tried to do it. So that we are, we're in every day. We have with people, traveling, and we, we've got, we've got some commercial vehicles, but hopefully, we don't have to use them. We disturb the people coming in, with all of,

Trolls and lat, lock them materials. If that's all stored, when people call 9 times out of 10, we can simply walk and deal with problems or yes. And that's again, that's because we find ourselves. That is there's loads of times if there's a service, we don't cover. And I have to, and I have to search for that sort of Trade, A Lot, the time you search, any comes up as local, but then when you actually call them there. So coming on beating 40 minutes.

These are so we sort of took the plunge a years ago, just go running this place ourselves right in the middle. You know, the community and make it easier because it's worked well to avoid delays and you get more jobs done.

Which is really good. I'm just before I keep talking about Soho, just for other listeners that are watching and you do also Branch out to other areas, don't you? So you're not just specifically Soho maintenance your yeah. Yeah.

I know that you've been around for a long time and you've obviously seen it change. So what do you feel like it's changed the most in SoHo or do you feel like it hasn't at all really

It's um, is it there's also been a lot of talk about be if so being sort of sanitize that, you know, there's been things on the TV and stuff. I mean, it's again, when I first came out, I didn't realize what base it was for a sort of media and arts and things are there. And you can, you can see it is quite some sort of high-profile people that are involved in the arguments on the same. So I'm sorry sort of go in.

Going the wrong way, I don't. I mean, I don't particularly he's he's definitely becoming a newer more commercial area.

People, look at that and say, it's a better thing, but I think the, the sort of the spirit and the art side of it will remain as is said in the media, the media side of things always embraced. But when we, when I first came out, 15 years ago, there were certain section that are not always sort of thing, which obviously, that that sort that side of it's definitely gone which, you know, which I'd say for the better but it's a long, I think there's enough.

There's enough of a movement behind Soho to keep, its uniqueness has one thing. I got a lot of people think he's going to lose that.

Yeah. Yeah, I think there's enough people that you said that it's just backing for it to stay and just keep it Spirit Soul. Yeah.

It was your favorite part about working in them.

Like the properties or what I mean.

We always made when I when I first when I first started up, I walked past the pub owner on a cold Monday, lunchtime in January and whereas obviously local people person probably in the window.

Now, I'm what you're offering.

Yes. We as you say, we found it when he starred in the government guidelines were coming out, we found it quite difficult because we use. Obviously, we was looking at and I think they've handled them and relieving excellently overall, but but but for something like I said, we've little bit some little bit caught on whether we could continue working. We obviously, there would never send you can still try to plug, if, you know,

From home, which obviously, we couldn't. Why was he being a weeks me. She was very conscious of, should we be working? But basically, in the end, we realized, we still offer the, we often emergency maintenance complete game. People are always going to need. We we had we had a we had a priest refurbishment that was for a still going on. She's probably an NHS recruitment company. So

That soon as that's done, that's going to help them into their, they are working remotely but they came to get in. So we've sort of tried, we worked our plane where we can still continue with refurbishment, with keeping people distancing apart and things like that. So you know, that that's always been good. We obviously, so we asked you with work, we worked out again. We did we worked out a system where we can, we would confident we can carry on working safely. So you say,

People have got any issues with, you know, we're about. We did we put we put a post on regarding just by T to try and help any elderly early, we've things like shopping and stuff like that. We didn't have many people come back on there, which I think is always a good thing because I think they see than they believe aspects of the community stepped up and then we, you know, we thought we might get a lot of, I think I think people are neighbors.

They're looking after neighborhoods, great thing. The one thing we obviously, we then try to stress is that, if if any elderly or vulnerable, I've got maintenance problems at the moment. Again, I'll try to put yourselves in issues. They may, they may wonder who they can call, or if they should call or whether obviously, whether they want they want to, we want to come into their hands is where they want us, you know, into this, I think. So we we've basically what I wanted to stress because

We've had a few, we've had a few calls and we've gone and helped a few people out, but, you know, these other, I thought we would have more calls, which again, it is what I was thinking. As I was picturing an elderly person, whose life savings into Lem grows out on their hallway. And they said, look do what you like, can I call anyone? Should I call anyone if it's causing them problems and potential safety reasons? And then we should Logistics getting getting contact with. We learn will do everything.

On a complimentary basis wiping away. Why is he knocked down again? And also, maybe if again, if people have in the Navy network, if people talk to neighbors and they expressed concern, we've sung line a baking time for General use to more than happy to help in any way. That was really great that you'll be able to give that back. That's really fantastic because I know that there will be vulnerable people out there that do have maintenance issues even if it's

And that's and just hindering their day-to-day. Because if you're having to stay home every single day and all of these hours there are things that are going to go wrong in the house. So it is in like forever else as well obviously the sorry Fox so who are still open and but really really chewed in when he's saying that the vulnerable people, he can help you out as complimentary during lockdown. So if you are vulnerable, if you are finding something really difficult at home, please, please,

Get in touch with Barry, and he's more than happy to help. A lot of people are probably experiencing DIY disasters at the moment. Very, what advice would you give to anybody? That is kind of trying to do things on their own at home. So for example, like paintwork or yeah, painting to begin with.

Yeah, thanks. I mean, it's painting. The painting is obviously the one that people will have a go out and the same to some extent sugar. We're going it's finding a basic tips of mean. It's probably well-known. Lizzie. The the thing we painting to get good finishes preparation. You know, you don't even need a flat surface on the pizza. They say I'd be. I'd be wary of them.

I mean, all it electrical issues is so maybe we

Obviously, what are you looking? Realistic situation quite basic but basically a winner when a fuse goes in from a mine into the kitchen, it's normally one of the appliances that suddenly developing a problem. So basically, what you will do, is the way to find out what, which one there is, basically took them all off. Put me in a reset refuse. Turn each one on one after the other in the teens.

He trips the next one, that's a problem. And then you can just like they have a system with all the others into. Again, I don't really do anything. Oddly Earth or run? Exactly, that's great. Advice the kids. Yeah, that that's the thing. We're especially when I was living in Stratford a few years ago, me and my flatmates we had to do similar thing because we just weren't understanding what's going on. So it's great advice because it can happen.

Everyone. And I think that the other thing with anybody in anybody moving into private, I think the best advice really easy soon as you're in find out where the fuse board is your mind, stop talking just your name of this color because a lot of times when you're looking for that when you look at that people move in and sort them finding I don't locate and straight away. So familiar. So my she feels where they are. And, you know, in case of emergency

Got it.

That's good, thank you. I'm something that obviously goes on a property is a property company. We speak to quite a lot of landlords and see a lot of new legislations coming in by the government. A couple of new ones that have come in. In the last couple of years is obviously epcs, making sure that they're up to a good standard and, and electrical safety inspections that's coming in July this year and we've not yet had a delay on this, as far as I'm aware. So, you know, do you offer these services that what overall services?

You do you offer?

Yes, it's a, we, I mean, we do, we do PCS and electrical stimulus. We got RC race electrician. We've got some guests, safe, an engineer. So we've talked a couple prior order, all of these devices to try and and if you say that problem they don't realize.

I need to be with family business because I've got my own, my standing orders. So join me, and he's to be ready to like fishing. And he said, he'd probably managing it, be drunk for a few years. So he's doing this on. I'm happy about. I'd say that's all those things. I've got my stepdaughter, dealing with all the ocean.

I know that a lot of people would feel really comfortable with you because you're such a great guy. And, and I'm also going to, there's

Thing that we have in common, which is that we love to sing, very actually does gigs in London sometimes and he's such a great singer. He probably hates me for letting everybody know about this, but they need to know. Sorry, they need to hear you. Sing. And where do you, where do you do these games?

I've done a couple of gigs in London, but I've mostly due to some locally based on a few years.

Which is a great thing. Because people, you know, a lot of people consider the single get the chances in because of it. And I was, I was, I was doing at karaoke once and it was in London at any one more time, sitting on, you can sing a bit. Why don't you and strange enough? She said I leaving Becky hate me. Now I can quit words, otherwise, she said, well, my problem Saturday, learn to songs and come along. And then she sort of pushed me every week to learn another time.

Any eventually she turned and said, okay what you've got Keegan Saturday at least gotten under song which which was even more nervous than doing these blocks. I thank you very much to all you agents out there and people listening

So we need to get together after this and we need to let everyone know if we're doing anything. Maybe, do it for charity. I think you mentioned that the other day saying here is that see what we can get bubbling. And thank you so much for joining us today. Very, I really have enjoyed speaking to you. It's great doing this and seeing friendly faces so I really have enjoyed it. Yeah, got it. Don't forget to

Reach out. If you have any maintenance issues at home infrastructure being, if you've got anything that's hindering your time at home. Please contact Barry. And his website is Fox. dot dot dot. Co dot u, k Sorry, Fox Soho dot U k– and Barry. How else can they reach out to you?

I want to call me directly alive mobilize. Oh, seven nine eight, four, four six five, six thousand two. And, or if they want to send an email it's info box. So a hug. What kind of you said? Even if people learn contact us on behalf of somebody, they think we can help.

Collection again.

Perfect. I'll put those digits and on the neck on one side posted this as well so that everybody has them for you. All right, thank you so much. Everyone and tomorrow, we're tuning in with a nutritionist called Lily, souter. So make sure that you come and watch that. But thanks again, Barry have a good day.

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