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Hello, and welcome to business as unusual. My name is Megan from greater London, properties GOP, and I hope that you and your family are all safe and well, and whilst people are logging on tuning in. I just wanted to give a quick introduction to these live videos and what we have been doing in order to connect local businesses, with local residents. And so, since the end of March, we have seen that a lot of

Local businesses have had to adapt to the current unusual situation. So we wanted as a state agents to build that bridge and just be able to create a platform where central London lockdown support group there's a mouthful came from. So we wanted to build that bridge just so that people could communicate promote their own businesses. It's a public group as well. So if you are a local business that wants to promote you're still open or doing deliveries feel free to post.

So basically as we've seen more and more throughout this time that businesses have created new innovative ideas in order to generate revenue for their businesses as well as helping our communities and local charities. We decided to start doing live streaming, just to give them a little bit, more exposure, help them, Reach Out to local residents of Central London and just to support wherever we can really. And so today, we're speaking to Hannah from

School. And so, Hannah founded the for, and it is a fitness Boutique in central London, in Kings Cross and they're helping everyone at stay mentally and physically fit at the moment. So, I'm Hannah. Give us a bit of background on the fall and how the business started. Well, the business is called the for because they really poor Park, the make you feel well, and it's not just about going to the gym. Although, there is a key part of it.

Being physically also being mentally and emotionally fit and then also social election. So in order to, in order to be there, when we need friends in our life, we need to be learning all the time. We need to be moving and we need to be looking after mentally. So we created a concept around and said it's nowhere else that you gained 20 car to one place to get Winger effects and another place to put the oil in it you probably take it to a

Ridge, which could do it all you. So that's what we do here, we do it all, and the idea being that it makes it so accessible and easy that you can have Wellness in your life every day. It didn't have to be a big event can just be one thing that you do. It could be multiple things that you do but you can really easily fit into your daily life in your routine. And and so we founded it in June last year, but I couldn't remember where we nearly a year.

Rolled and, and we chose Kings Cross because we really wanted an area where we could get every kind of demographic. And what we hadn't actually factored in was the fact that we would come to an amazing community. And this, this has been, we've worked out really because the community on our daughter, because absolutely amazing. Local businesses residents students. The everybody comes together here and everybody will help each other out.

And very big way and just, as a lockdown happened, it was very much all hands on deck and people going in and took a visit. It's like it was in and out of your house, kind of post. Well seeing how they could help and and I think that's really special about something that's going to be a legacy that's lasting from this crisis because I think that's happened all over and it's really people should be very proud of themselves for that. Yeah that's really really.

Lovely. We've absolutely love seeing Kings Cross grow as well level of the Redevelopment. So I think businesses like yours can coming into that. Also brings other people, that outside Kings Cross kind of coming in just to see all of this grow and all of the growth in the community feel so that's fantastic. How do you one question? I want to ask, how do you combine everything? So obviously you've got all of these different elements of, you know, social health, intellectual well-being, and emotional health. So how do

Combine 1 of this, for the people that kind of tuned in. So we have. So if I take them one by one, we have a, we have a fitness Community where we have trainers and we either run classes or we have one-to-one work out. You can come and do we also do something that really could use the gap between PT and group exercise and that small group classes, where you can come and went out with one train and for people at the same time. So it's the only thing we do in Fitness is about being

Joyful it's fun. There is no kill It. Smash it, slay, it, it's a certain point became very much about Cain and and struggle and actually it should be a joyful occasion and the items that win for its human beings going to do anything on a consistent basis if we do not love it. So unless it was held masochist basically we all

We hire people because of their personality rather than their CV. And the movement is, there's a lot of variety here as well. There's our trainers are very diverse and the kind of Fitness that we face is very diverse to from an emotional perspective. We then layer on top of that, the fact that you're emotional Journey really does sit alongside what your physical one. But we have healers, we have practitioners in eastern medicine.

We have a massage and remedial medicine here, that we really look after the whole part of your body, from that perspective, and then the social and mental side, we are, we have this Mutual sleepy at where we have will completely workspace. So you can come, you can work out. If you come have a drink, come for no other reason than you just want to have a gun and it but it's all ready for you to just be able to be very seamlessly when

You've really put in and that was because we that there was an epidemic that had happened of loneliness and people who were working remotely no longer interact with, anybody had lost a lot of society. So yeah, what we get is the fact that our country and maybe to do for an hour work before they go into it with the count and then the day and have a shower, and be back at work on, because we've got some Wi-Fi, we've got printers and business services for them and, and

We've been designed around a sort of looks like a hope of it's called, you know, I actually miss my studio because my home office is chasing passenger. This is the social side of it is being his lovely Cafe, which is in the living room, which we have events where people come together, just for the sake of coming together. We sometimes have book clubs, we have talks and we have workshops, then we also just have so do you know if

You wanted to hang out with us and that's something that we've actually continued doing that on Zoom. So we have a, no, that's great. I know that you've basically created your own social Community. I love that where people feel comfortable to come to you. I know that few my colleagues as well before they go to the gym, they often kind of say, oh yeah, well my gym class doesn't start until 7:00 so I guess I'll just stay in the office. So I think it's just really opening up to that.

That Gap that you don't even realize is there until you've got the opportunity to go and kind of, you know, sit and speak with people that are like minded and have somewhere comfortable to connect. So that's really good. Sunday and make friends to, we have so many clients, you have met here and who now come at the same class naturally, because that's their life and they and they join together and they become really great friends. We've had people go out

Out on dates. I'm expecting for very soon. Well maybe after lockdown when they open up that whole very glad they're so it's really it's been the community. We did create itself around us and I think that that's a I could never take credit for that because it's just very natural byproducts of the I guess the concept and the fact that we have a team of people who naturally gravitate

And mix people together really well. So, this place is very much non. It's not intimidating. You don't feel like you're going to spank a boutique Studio. You feel like you're going home. Yeah. That's such a nice feel. I like that especially especially now that we all at home as well and then Zoom Chancellor, that's fantastic idea to kind of keep everyone connected. No siree and what have you found you found anything. Going to challenging her switching, everything to digital. Have you found any challenges?

Along the way many easy it was yeah we're all really techie here of my life. Well one of them if I did not have people around me in my team who were able to think outside of the box.

Give a guy a my personality is very much that we'll try, it doesn't work, what have we lost? And it's I get the first challenge was I thought the first challenge was really going to be shit. How do I keep my team employed? That was my first Challenge and then thankfully, the government have stepped in to help out with that side of it. So I thought that weight of responsibility, then the challenge became well, how do we keep our community connected and engaged, and

We we've done this before we plan which was creating a doctrine of shaping for people because the first few weeks you felt very unhandled. You know it was really nice. It was it just wasn't it wasn't an or what we were used to at all and so we kind of it's really structured schedule together where you know it was like 7 a.m. you could do breathing when you know really good durability of the 12 you can do here and actually is the weakest of God one. It's really petered out.

Down because people are going to know what. I don't need to wake up it Movin. Yeah, I can wait, I'm going to I'd have a 9 because long day ahead of me and I can do whatever I want to do. So you know what? Okay, do that standpoint? I'd really like to do that a little bit later. And so we've really, we've heard a jump to the schedule we're going on. And we've had a lot of challenges on the tech side, but because we're not experts and we'll patch of try to do the Instagram thing.

Right? It's a jammie, the YouTube thing and it all has its own nuances, and we're finding our feet with how best to stream that content. I think the production value is something that's very tricky to get, right? And it's something that I personally feel really strongly about. So we are, we are trying to create a situation where if the trainers are able to fill from home, they can totally but we give them the kit in order to be able to do that.

So the right Market not just like hold it, getting the mum to hold a phone over the other side of the room, both jump up and down. And and and you know, that's going to change you because I think they're everywhere. Now, they've dispersed, you know, we have them in Wales and gotten and then everyone's gone back home rightly. So. So we've had to try and really make sure that we could provide them with the tools that they needed in order to be able to fulfill this because otherwise it's a bit, I mean, it's not nice for them, it's not great for us and is not great for the client. So therefore there's

Ring, that was point to it and I think that you know, as we've got a lot of content that we filmed in the run-up to this that we now have to spend your time editing to, to do prerecorded on-demand workouts, and then it will start launching our social events and as of next week as well. So we're going to do our new book club live and things like that. And oh my God you've got a library. Yes, books are books and books will part of this place.

So we just thought, you know, we can't do this lovely book club we have planned. Well, why not, why can't we do this online? And and then moving on, from there, we'll go to workshops as well. To really combine everything, and then, the healers so distant. Healing has become something that, you know, I never thought we'd seen. But actually, it really does work that the fitness side of it. If you think about it, Jane Fonda, I mean, I say to you earlier my, you know, the fact that the four really did start when I was 13 years old, when I discovered the Cindy Crawford home workout video,

This is been around for a long time. Working out in for, in your living room in front of your TV. When nobody else can see you, it is the most amazing thing in the world because you will try anything and right, you know, rightly so get, get your groove on. And I just before I broke my leg, I was doing these classes with my kids at home, the five elements, dance classes, so weird, but absolutely brilliant. It was just like

That's right and it's watching because it really really did exactly that and I'm so happy that there was no one there to film it, but I think the less inhibited you are when you go to a gym or Fitness Studio or anywhere else, the better. So this is only going to help people after lockdown. I think that studios are going to up their game massively in order to be able to really Elevate that experience then on site because we've learned then we learn that working out from home safe.

Easy and it doesn't have to take an hour and it doesn't have to have, you know, you don't have to shower afterwards if you don't want to insert in any, I think that we've learned, this is something you can really integrate your life. So easily that, actually, when you do come to the studio, it will be for that different experience. And that layer, the welcome the feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself.

And then I completely agree because some, I was kind of trying to get into fitness, you know, standard New Year's resolution and then I went a couple of times and now I've kind of had this time to really get into it in and feel a little bit more passion for it. Guess I'm starting to get a little bit more board in the living room. I want to kind of go out and meet new people do classes together, feel kind of integrate Fitness as part of my life. So I feel that that hasn't. It has also made a positive

If you can get any positives out this but impact on the fitness industry. And Daniel, do you feel like that as well plea. And I think that there are so many positives that will come out of this? I don't know if I think that partly because I have to think that otherwise it's all destroyed or if actually I just I genuinely believe that two things will happen following on from this one. Is that everybody will just get over themselves a little bit more especially with industry because it really is that easy? This

Is not complicated. This is about finding something that you love making it for you, about you fitting to your life. It's not about what we want to sell or what we want to, you know? And it certainly isn't about shiny buff trainers in little shorts who are kind of a novel. I think they're lovely, swickard, they get me wrong. We have to, I think that in all of this, this this self-actualization thing that has been going on for a few years. Now, the be your best self.

I must do this. Why, why must you just let go? I think we've all just learned, you know what, this isn't a leveling. We're not all the same. The end of the day we are human being. I 7 billion wanted to come. I ins but we artists we race and and I think that, you know, everybody has their differences and their nuances in their loves and their hate and you should just Pander to it. Do you want to be and do? And you don't really go and do the crazy workout come do, the crazy workout somewhere that will give it to me.

You, if you want to do it from your living room, do it from your living room, which is make sure it fits, it should be on your terms. And I think that that's where this this industry will go now and and we'll get continuing toward that personalization theme. So I really I do think that there's a lot of positives to come out of this and yet within that I think for the other positive will be that people are kinder to one another and so maybe we'll link into. There are a lot of places where I will go and I feel uncomfortable and intimidated.

It's weird because I own a place like that but actually it's just a very friendly and I think that that's going to change massively now. So I think there's there's really a positive is a much more positive year to end this year than to start it. I'm sure. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you. That's very inspirational. Just before we go I'd I did want to point this out. Just because personally, I start when I first

After working from home, I instantly started having back problems and I was learning how to kind of well, I was Googling like how to stretch. And one thing that I found on your Instagram that was really helpful was different ways to stretch and it was actually focused on, you know, working for moves over and it was different ways and I just found that really helpful. So thank you and watch it. If you're experiencing the same problems because

Out to me, when you come out of lockdown, I think the stretching is key for everybody every day, if you can just whack out a 10 minute, stretch the minute you come out of bed in the morning. If you can just get that into your day and then maybe do another one before you get into bed at night. Your body is going to move better and that we have a class that uses a special credit milk. That's curved and it's curved because it worked the entire course to posterior chain. And that's the bit that we don't strengthen anymore because we sit all day.

When we have really, really, really bad hips and I think that that's the end, we are all going to move a lot better if we get up. And if we start stretching and getting a bit of them, the ability back into our lives.

Thank you so much you in spirit, just to let everybody know so that they can kind of a log into your Instagram. Because obviously, this is fate streaming on Facebook at the moment. And what is your Instagram? Is it the, the underscore for underscore London ago at the floor under Scott London. Thank you so much for joining us today. Hanna. I really appreciated it been very most motivational and

Ring. And I'm sure that you've inspired others as well. I'm certainly going to perform and I can't wait to see the full wedding and there's some people in my new and ready. But yes, thank you so much. And everybody else tune in tomorrow at 11:30 again we'll be hearing from Hospitality for Heroes but yeah, thanks for joining.

And thank you again, Hannah

Are you did great? That's life.

Is it still alive? It's really the no way to go.

Yay, it's a I know I'm still alive. How do I do this?

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