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Hello, and welcome back to business as unusual. My name is Megan from greater London properties, and I hope all your family are safe and well, and just to let people know that a tuning in fresh today at greater London properties. Set up this Facebook group Central London lockdown support group. This is mainly a platform just for local businesses, which are open and close to promote their business to say what they're doing. Currently, as well as different.

Businesses that have innovative ideas for Charities, we started doing the live chats. Last Monday, they are 11:30, every weekday, and if you want to tune in again and it's mainly meeting people Behind These businesses and just finding out a little bit more about what they're doing and at the moment. So today we're speaking to a graphic designer Henry Smith who's come up on the great idea from a wearables and Henry, tell us a little bit more about kind of the movement that you're doing at the moment.

A little bit more about yourself first. Yeah, yeah. So I'm a graphic designer. So you just saying and I thought everyone else is doing great things to help out whether it's donating food, or I'm getting people to cook or creating PPE and I don't have access to do those things. But what I can do is design and what I was seeing was people being a bit more hostile towards each other. And I think there's a tension about going out with the lockdown

And I just thought that if people were aware of what each other were doing, where they do it new out to get their shopping or no exercise, and they can see that they're out for purpose and not on the Jolly that people might relax their attitudes a little bit. So that's where the idea is coming from on this one. And I think you mentioned to me as well that you the kind of where it all stemmed from. Was I saw on the news that there was a lady that had no on a car.

Yes. Yes. So the note the note that is that this isn't it that inspired me to actually act upon what I was thinking. So I seen this post a nurse at comes back to a house and seen a note left on our cars in about how selfish she was leaving multiple times a day. And I'm assuming the neighbor who left, the note wasn't aware that she was a nurse and basically wrote this, no, because she wasn't wearing the uniform because they told me,

To wear them. And I think if he'd seem that she was key worker, then this might not have happened and it made me aware of how many at for instances like this. I happened across the UK and probably across the world as well.

Yeah, just people judging for kind of no reason or if people are kind of going out and essentially shopping people just giving each other a little bit dirty. Looks I know that my community definitely need these stickers and this is how it's interesting that again with myself. I was walking in Greenwich Park and know where the pavement was now at when I crossed paths with someone else and they were new not comfortable with the distance that we have between each other.

And I thought, okay, I didn't think at first, the response was the reaction was a little bit irrational, but later that night that's when I started thinking that could be someone who's very anxious or worried about the situation or high risk and we don't know and all these situations and happenings that maybe made me realize that this is a problem and people are worried right now rightly. So and that do something to help with my skills.

Yeah. Absolutely because I think that you mentioned as well, something about mental health. So obviously like people that people are struggling at the moment, it is getting worse. People don't know where they stand, it's also kind of like lack of government government guidelines. That's, I think what you did, there seems to be a complete lack of clarity over what's acceptable. And I think there's many people out there who are worried about going to the show.

Shops. And then worry about going out for a walk for fear of being call it Corona shamed or pandemic shame. And I think that the news are calling it and it's affecting people's mental, health Vibe is feeling of being trapped and not being able to get by day-to-day. And some people do need to get out the house to clear the head, or who we all need a break from each other. Every now, and again, if you live in a busy household, so it is a definitely a huge Factor.

With mental health side of things. And, you know, myself, when the coronavirus first started coming over, I was looking a lot at there is me situation. So I was predicting what was gonna happen and it started getting really worried about actually just going out the house to get shopping and you can start seeing all the Panic buying happening and there's fear, that isn't quite being picked up mean mainstream news. Something interesting, a few articles on BBC about it.

It. But there's no, there's not many being a solution because there isn't a direct solution, but there's definitely ways that we can help.

Yeah. And I think that that this is a complete solution to offer to those people because as I said it's just it's ongoing at the moment I whenever you leave their house and kind of looking over your shoulder and also say, for example, if you're just if you're jogging and then people are kind of trying to jog in the middle of the road, but like the other people are out, it would be kind of good to know where they're going like, worried what you doing, you've got one of your stickers today. So yes, stay

They stay home. Same drive stick, these what other stick is have you made so far. So this one is the, this is raising money for Charities together. So this is the only a wearable that I'm not expecting to people to wear outside, but this is where the money is going towards so far. I have another five, five stickers going on. I think that's visible on the

Essential travel and that's new for you cars or bikes and boy yourself. If you who you're coming on, the key workers, which those essential thing, that I hope that there's a lot of recognition after this, for everyone who's kept the country, taking over during this time and essential shopping for obvious reasons, it's just a stick on your bags or something, because a lot of people were being called out for.

Heading down to the shops going back with carrier bags and it might have like next ripping on that. So people are at first being accused of shut you shopping on the high-risk group and they were still open, didn't bother me is maintaining the social distance, I don't think anyone doubts caused harm to each other, but I knew that people do get close without meaning to I mean not every pavement it's in me as wide as per that guidelines. So it's just hoping that if people pick up on this visual clue that they will,

Allow the extra clearance which other one of the surprising popular one because the yeah I'm exercising its thicker so that's them surprisingly being one of the better selling of the of the set. So so far so I think iíve seen it though. I've seen on a lot of kind of community apps and stuff and I think a lot of people are getting a little bit irate about joggers because they're basically getting I think them

The most frustrated with joggers, so I think now joggers and kind of having to feel like they need to justify themselves. So I think that that's, that's probably one reason. Why that one's quite popular and it's me, right? I get annoyed. If I'm a bit of both, I jog sometimes the minimum the other side. So I can't really judge and, but it's so good that all of your proceeds are now going to charity. There's be fantastic. I have you. Donated of you already had quite a lot so far.

This will hopefully get you more awareness as well. Yes, we're in the early stages. Right now of the donations so that the pot is quite small at the moment. I'm doing a donations through just give me until it is completely visible for everyone who buys from my website and don't know where that money is going and it's not being counted by myself and sift it off. So I wouldn't make me clearly. He's going through graphic just giving. And right now I've got a lot of these sheets left.

From the most recent order and if the costs are completely covered. So it's all going to go towards fundraising, I would have thought will hit you head towards the thousands.

That's perfect. I know that will definitely will definitely need them and you do you do customized ones as well, don't you? Yeah. Yeah. I've had some good requests from people obviously wanting their own personalized badges. My favorite one was from a colleague of mine and she was saying that the instance, of when you go shopping and you've got kids and you haven't got the option of childcare, the amount of judging looks he was getting. So she was saying, please, can I have a sticker?

It that reads. If you touch at me, again, you can take my four-year-old four-year-old home with you. I'm not going to make that one, but on a more serious level, there's an LED. I know who I am, who get some light rain? And she was requesting on for disability for like, travelling, further afield across London to pick up descriptions or physic Linux. And I thought that was a really good one and it's these oversized I haven't yet seen. So I'm looking for people's contributions.

Stu just drop me a message or comment page about what they would like to see. And on the next batch that I get made up, I can start doing a more custom approach and kicked in for catering for everyone, that's absolutely brilliant yet because I think that people would want to get involved ready I'm just reading the comments on my eyes. Overton is that stick is having made wasn't just the six you showed so if you get your ideas and guys he can make more, you can customize. So yeah, the ones that he's done already are the ones that

That he has shown but yeah, customized, customized customized. So, you make it to? You've got the equipment at home, how you kind of making this happen at home? So, I'm actually when I started because that graphic designer, I work for weekly Economist and all my printing stuff is over there in Canary Wharf. I've got a, I've actually been using my printer who I do. A lot of my freelance work with called ft, Berman in Berman. See, I told them about the idea and

They've said to me look what is printed material cost and the been through the word they've done that for me and they can be loads of envelopes as well, which came across the um and that's how they've been supporting me. They did my my poster for me that's really good. Is not a backdrop there for all your future lives. So that's how I'm getting the made a moment and yeah, it's great that they've been able to help me with this.

Yeah, that's really fantastic. I'm pretty sure that they have. And so what do you think the best possible outcome of all of this will be? Hopefully at the very end, there will be no need L. Be no need for me to make any more labels because we will have beaten the coronavirus. But for the meantime, I just want to make sure that people feel comfortable about being out and about and I think we're going to be in this situation on and off throughout the year and we're all going to be have to be cautious.

Social distances are not. It's not very nice to him to use, but I just want to make sure we're not anti social distancing, and I hope that this product can make people more civil towards each other and essentially just bring the people some peace at that. That's that's what I wanted to do. That's what the best possible outcome for. This would be to make people the right labels that they want to wear make people.

Relax towards each other and we can all be in this environment together.

Exactly. Be kind to one another the Mantra. That's all I want to push. He said that to me before, guys. So I just repeated, it is words. So yeah, no, I am I really I really, really like this movement. I think that a lot of people do jump on board as the city before I think that when people are kind of, finally let loose and let outside again and it's not such a stay-at-home movement, that kind of

Seeing the right kind of measures once we're allowed out. And I think that it will also be important because if it is staggered and there are certain jobs that are going back first, then people will kind of need to know that they are, you know, they are needed. They're not doing an unnecessary trip and hopefully will bring peace to those industries that do need to go back. Sorry, the do need to go back first and so, yeah, I think, I think it's just such a great movement and especially the whole situation with the nurse, so these can stick on the cars as well.

I'm going to as you can see in the his poster in the back they are good. Quality stickers, are they? I've been reusing the same exercise 1 for 3 runs now. So they actually quite good on fabric as well as new materials.

That's really really good especially that you can reuse them. That's fantastic because it's good for the environment as well, but also I did see that you can download and print yourself so you still make a donation? Yep, absolutely. This was a good suggestion from a friend of mine to said, what if people don't want the post at their house, for obvious reasons? I'm new sure that the people who don't want anything coming through the letterbox right now. So I thought if they like,

The idea and they want to donate to the cause I've got a the same range of products. But in a digital version that you can, it cost one pound and pound just go straight to the justgiving page and then you get your digital version of the badge. You can either print it out yourself, or you can do what you want with it. So it's all for the cause and it just helps people who don't want things arriving for the letter boxes. Yeah, it's a really, really great option to have

Well I'm I can't wait. I'm gonna start thinking of well now I said I might have an estate agent one but then I don't know if that get me more grief than no. Let me get the first. The first batch is out. Yeah. We're not all stereotypical this agency but well done honestly well done because I said I just really appreciate people at the moment that they could be worried about themselves and about their visit

At their own businesses and kind of being quite selfish. But you're just being completely selfless. At the moment you're putting out there the putting out such good messages out there too. Just to be kind to one another and just scrap the animosity guys we're all in this together. Thank you very much. Grab it in order to in order to kind of jump on board by some stickers and donate and support and get your suggestions in.

Website is a wearables. So wearables dotco dot u k. So that is a double youare abl A ble s dot u k m and Henry can you give them your Instagram account and how to get in touch with you for customization? Yeah, so the Facebook page, and Instagram page, there is all the same name. Wearables just drop me a private message or comment on the photograph. And anyway this easier for you, I'm picking them all up so that

The best way to get him and touching me and the name. I know it's a bit confusing but it was well I'll try to summarize what it was. I was doing and I'm a friend of mine said it's wearable and it's creating awareness that wearables so simple idea and hopefully can help people and it's obviously original if you've got the if you've got the website straight off the back so it's really good. The name lucky with that. I can see now that people are already right.

And in so Casey Hill said that she's going to get some for her mum now. So obviously for vulnerables you also are getting you've got that one the I'm I'm a hi. I'm at high risk. Keep yes you that's that's a good one as well. I've seen that one so that's quite that's a good one for moms and dads or for other vulnerable people that need to leave the house. Can you see these comments as well? I've got the page of my other screen now. So let's hug.

The comments and people running around, I've been replying to people on Twitter, Hoover announced. They've had to shout at people in public saying, stand back. It's a lot of it happens to a lot of people, but at the high risk, one really good because the whole reason behind that was

I know people don't want to be classified, don't to classify themselves at the one. Who's at high risk. There's a lot of people out there who are 15 upwards, who have underlying health issues that you can't see, aren't visible to your eyes. So, that's what the idea is behind that one was because we don't know who's at high risk and who's not. Yeah, I know will help their mental health for sure because they won't want to leave the house and when they do it will take a lot of Courage and the dog walking one. I can imagine that. That is very kind of really, really popular actually because there's a lot of great.

Sarah. Yeah. Yeah, they were given that we've got our office dog. Winston new features on our Instagram. So yeah, he's my colleague went to and he was a puppy and it worked. And so, thank you so much for joining us here today. Henry, I really enjoyed speaking to you, and it's been really fun and I really hope that people could jump on start by and

Oh, stickers and donating to a really good cause thank you for doing what you're doing. I can't say it enough to everyone creating donations. And yeah, I really just can't beat by stickers. Guys, get some. Let's get creative and enjoy the the rainy day today. Yes, thank you for having me on your channel. Thank you to everyone who makes purchases. This is all going to a great cause

You're very welcome. It's been so lovely to have you and anyone out there who is also a local business or a charity and you would like to speak to me and we are continuing this into next week so make sure you get in contact to books. Lot around here. Have a lovely day. Everyone. Bye.

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