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Happy Friday. Welcome back to business as unusual. My name is Megan. I'm from greater London properties, and I hope all of your family are keeping safe and well, and just to give a little bit of an introduction for those people that are joining us brand-new today, greater London properties, created a Facebook support group called Central London's, lockdown support group, and this is just to provide that channel and that platform for local businesses open or closed.

To I'm organizations and different charities, just to promote their business. Now today is our fifth live streaming and it's absolutely fantastic that we've been able to meet the people behind the businesses this week. I really enjoyed it and we are continuing at 11:30 and every day next week as well, but just to finish this week off, with a huge bang. We've got Lily, suta nutrition with us today, and hi Lili. Hi, thank you so much.

For having me, we're really pleased to have you. You're great. And I've known Lili for a number of years now, and it's just been absolutely wonderful to see her business grow and just, for her to grow into such an expert in her field. So I feel very privileged to know her and Lily tell us a little bit more for the people that don't know, a little bit more about your business and how you got started. So I really got into nutrition because I struggled with all full chronic psoriasis so it's the skin.

Addition. And this was when I was a child and sort of my parents took me everywhere to every sort of healthcare practitioner, you could find in order for to alleviate this condition and I think nutrition was one of the biggest thing that helped me. So, paan Singh and nutritionist start to change, has helped put the condition into remission. And once I'd seen Hamill powerful food, was, I decided to do all my training to become a nutritionist.

Just so I could help others. So I trained at Newcastle University and there was lots and lots of research going on there with the nutrition degrees, which was super exciting. And I went on then to do another two years, during the nutritional therapy to sit down with the individual to hold consultations and just competing at the moment. My MSB and nutritional medicine. And then there's amazing. Researchers are looking at things like in

Mission fasting obesity, diabetes, brain health. It's just really, really fascinating and over the last couple of years, I guess a core piece of my business is posting corporate Wellness interventions or programs but nutrition Focus ones. So I will go into offices and host things like lunch and learns. So these are different talks and well-being.

Going to support employees with their overall health and well-being to Aid with productivity and things like Clinic days as well. Why sit down with individuals support their overall well-being from a dietary point of view. So that's sort of like where I'm at. And then I do see clients on an individual basis in Chelsea and also asked for Medical Practice in Notting Hill.

That's fantastic. And I suppose that the work that you're doing at the moment as well. Kind of like still spreading the still spreading the news about nutrition and I know that I can I know that obviously with the corporate wellness and everything like this it just it does relieve people kind of going to the NHS. It improves people's immune systems and creates them. As you said to be to be a lot healthier. So it's also supporting the NHS in the moment with with kind of well what you're reaching out as well. I think health and wellness we have to look at it.

The holistic point of view. So diet does play a key role with things like energy cognitive Health. It will play a role with immune function, but also in things like mood energy, I guess weight management. Also, we've got to look at things like psychological support exercises. You know, our general lifestyle, in terms of our sculpture were working days. If things like stress and all of this,

It's under very holistic approach to well-being and I'm very much focusing on preventative help. So how can we support people in a way to make them feel as best as they can be? But also potentially help to reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases.

That's absolutely brilliant. It's wonderful to hear of this. I'm also, tell us a little bit more about how you're currently coping, because obviously, you're not able to do your events or corporate wellness and guess. Yeah. So and I guess one of the big parts of what I was doing was going into offices to host these talks and webinars. And I think the day that the lockdown was announced suddenly you get an email where most of my bookings head either be postponed or canceled. So obviously

You pull that first week I was under huge Stress and Anxiety thinking. Oh my God, how it late in a court for the next couple of months or, you know, when you feel very unsettled, that's very difficult, but I guess now, I'm in much better routine and actually having things, like Zoom has been amazing. So I've been hosting a lot of webinar, I'll stir company. So looking at topics such as I guess immune function mood, one of the most

A popular topic that I've been and hosting is a webinar on Smart eating strategies when working from home because a lot of people used to working at home and their dietary choices changes when they're at home. So it's really, really hot. But online webinars, I've been doing a lot of online clinics via Zoom. So what's interesting is seeing how we can still conduct business virtually and interestingly, on the webinars, you can have

As many as 300 people viewing, then it's been super exciting and I've got some cook alongs coming up as well. Well, they'll be live cooking demos online. Where people will buy the ingredients and cook along as well at the same time. So just navigating different ways of working really is all about thinking outside the box at the moment isn't it? Where have you been able to join your cook along Cushing's at the moment? A lot of these are private.

In terms of there are specifically booked by companies to support their employing that I do, do a lot of Instagram line, or Instagram videos and recipes there as well. So it's probably the next best place if it's just for the general public, they should definitely head over to my Instagram page, to have a look there where they'll get lots of tips and tricks and turns of, I don't know, smart cooking strategies, that's mine.

Stick and and I don't know if you saw on Wednesday, but we also spoke to hospitality for Heroes and they, they basically encouraging kind of like one minute Instagram video in the can kind of nominated in lots of chefs. So yeah, if I do, when I'm going to nominate you and I am and I know you have featured on many different TV shows such as this morning and itv's save money.

Me and also it was it. Dr. Raunch things. Lose weight. Yes. Yeah. Save money lose weight. Yeah, amazing and NBC, which is really good track record, so really well done on that. And on all of these, you have been giving an expert advice. I know that a lot of people are tuned in today, would absolutely love some advice, just because obviously we are finding that we were home like everybody else and our fridge is in our hands link.

And frequently visited. So it's just it would be great to hear. Hear what you were, what advice you have people to stay healthy during lockdown. I think you're completely, right? Because often people's home offices, 10 be in close proximity to the kitchen. Cupboards the fridge, most of us don't have a separate sort of home office, or death space, so it can be very difficult. And I think structure and routine.

Sometimes goes out the window but I guess my biggest piece of advice is to have a little bit of structure and routine within your day, eating your meals away from your desk and your laptops can massively help with I guess portion control. There's been lots of interesting research on attentive mindful eating, which is basically just being engaged when you're eating and I guess research suggests that our consumption of fruit and veg completely dropped.

When we are distracted and munching away near the laptops or TVs or phone and our intake of sort of maybe more processed foods increases there was another really interesting study where they had like a large group of people and they split them into two and one group, ate their lunch distracted. Playing computer games in front of their laptop and 30 minutes later that group eight, fifty percent more biscuits than their non distracted can.

Counterpart. I guess it's really basically taking the lunch break. If you can eat away from your desk, eat slowly. So it takes about 20 minutes for our brain, to actually register that it's full and chew thoroughly. So Savor the Flavors and enjoy your food, put your knife and fork down between each mouthful of. You can just to slow things down and we tend to basically better regulate our hunger and fullness cues and it just reduces

Says that unnecessary snacking but preparation, I think it's going to be something which is important as well. So if you have the right foods to hand in your cupboard you're probably going to make better food choices and thank you so much with them obviously in the evenings and stuff. Do you do usually prepare that beforehand and just so that you because what I find as well as at the end of the day. I'm quite tired and then I go into the kitchen and kind of

Try and think of something creative, but then end up going towards the processed foods. And so, is there any kind of tips on how to stay prepared in that? I'm not running or freeze food? Wow. So I honestly don't think help that you can has to be Complicated by any means. And I sometimes think simple 5-ingredient meals can suffice, but what I am a big fan of is batch cooking. So if you are ever cooking my always aim to make more than what I would usually require,

Wire and I would dish the recipe for things in a tupperware, ready for lunch, the next day, or for a help you ready meal at a later date. The one thing I do find and this is my clients, but also personally is that during the working week when you are working from home you know, still don't necessarily have time to start cooking the whole new meal lunch. So having something really quick and easy, which is already in your fridge, which you may have prepped a night before.

And can be super handy and leftover a really good as well. So they can more than you need and having the leftovers which reduces that cooking time. That's really handy. Thank you. And what would you say? Just out of interest because obviously, you've I bet you've tasted lots of different healthy foods and created lots of really nice recipes and during lockdown at the moment, what recipe would you say is your favorite that you've kind of created or put things together at the?

Well I really enjoyed making things like dull and sort of like soups and stews. And the reason for that is because I guess there has been an a period of time where we've struggled to get supplies. So it's a recipe you can put together which is cheap to make you can batch cook it you can freeze it. But also a lot of the ingredients are sort of store cupboard Essentials so you've got things like lentils beans, chickpeas,

All sorts of things can, you know, be a really great source of protein, but fiber there. One of your five a day and they've got a long shelf life and they taste good. But the other thing as well, which I would just mention, I have been using quite a lot of Frozen Foods as well. And locking people think that they're not as nourishing is fresh, but they are so things. Like, freaking avocado blend really well into

My smoothie in the morning. It gets a lovely sort of creamy flavor. Without those of saturated fats, you can defrost frozen avocado and mash it on to toast. So that's super simple to put together as well. And lots of frozen berries, and veg can blend really well into smoothies. That's really interesting because I have always thought about the nutritional value of frozen food. So when I'm really glad that you've mentioned that, thank you so much for joining us today here, Lily,

It's been really, really great to speak to you and I hope people tuned in to your channel. And obviously, as Lily said that if she's creating these webinars for companies, if you are a corporate company it was just a business that want to improve your stuff. Corporate Wellness at workplace wellness and get in touch and then Lily might be able to create a webinar for you and your staff. And also, if you follow her on Instagram, I've also seen that. She regularly posts different meals that she's having throughout the day.

And so she'll post her breakfast, your posters smoothies and she will post her evening meals as well. So just to give you a little bit of inspiration because if you're following the leads meals you can't go wrong. So Lily just I know that your website. So if people want to kind of get a low-down on specific topics, Lily is often in the media. You also write for different kind of newspapers and magazines, don't you?

Yeah, which ones you usually featuring and a whole range, really? So I just ran submitted some comments for Women's Health for the express, the Daily Mail. Sorry to a whole range of different National papers but also some magazines and it's usually on sort of the latest topics that are of interest and I guess things like vitamin C with the one that had just submitted recently which is probably

I didn't trust with other people. Perfect. You can check that out guys. And a lot of these news articles and blogs are on her website. I've been scrolling through them during this time as well and it is Lily suit and And so we'll put that on this link afterwards just so that you can also click through this. And also. So really your Instagram is Lily underscore Suitor underscore nutrition. Yeah.

Perfect. And so get following guys and we'll also share this video on YouTube and Instagram as well just in case you want to watch it again. And like I said we're going to be back next week at 11:30 and every weekday. So if you are a local business and you haven't got in touch with us yet, get in touch if you want to talk with me and thank you so much Lily, I really appreciated. Thanks for having me. See you soon. See you soon? Thank you for the tips.

Weekend everyone. Bye.

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