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Hello, and welcome to business as unusual. My name is Megan and I hope that you and your family are all safe and well. And just to give a little bit of an introduction for those that haven't tuned in before, glp created, a Facebook group called Central London's lockdown support group. This support group is mainly just to provide a plan form for those businesses that are open and closed, but I'll still generating revenue for their companies as well.

As just organizations and Charities, sharing what they're up to so that we can support where possible. I've been doing these live chance now, for a couple of weeks is just really enjoyable to meet the people behind the businesses and find out firsthand what they are up to. These are at 11:30 every single weekday and so I hope you've been enjoying them as much as I have. It's just to spread the word and give them the exposure that they deserve. And today, we're speaking for up to Taylor from Cloud 9 Cycles.

Are Cloud. Nine Cycles are based on 38 store Street in Bloomsbury. Hi Taylor. Hello. Thanks for having me. Thank you so much for joining us today. I'm really excited to find out more about Pi 9 cycles, and just obviously a little bit more about kind of what we're doing at the moment. So when the people that don't know about the store, you just give us a little bit of background as to kind of what the store does and this little bit more about it, okay?

Right. So we build custom bicycles and that is spot. Is the ultimate goal for us is to build a bike that you are so excited to ride that. You ride, it all the time and that could be any type of legs. But I'm a very comfortable Urban commuter to something that you're racing. Quite seriously, that would roam to off-road adventuring mountain bikes. And we do also offer

Offer handmade custom steel frames as well. And that is fairly new actually and was meant to launch this month officially with film and of course that ball been postponed or canceled. Hopefully postpones, but yes. We also offer custom custom fitting with a working with a professional bike fit in. So that's custom, geometry and components. Yeah, ultimately, we would love to fill

Yeah, something that you love to ride. That's our ultimate goal and we're a very small team of cycling advocate. So yeah, that's sort of, that's it – really good. So I just find it amazing that because obviously, you are a shop front as well, where people can kind of rent and buy ready-made bikes, but then you have got the workshop. So I was looking on your Instagram and I saw when you kind of took us through the shop, it's

Especially now when you're getting really used to virtual tours on everything, absolutely everything. But as you as you went through and then downstairs and you've got all of these workshops spaces and it's just fantastic space that you've got and it's almost like you don't, you don't believe that that's just behind that door you and you have a you you work. Do you work with specific models and promote specific models of bike?

Tonight the bindings. Yeah, we're very selective about the event that we do carry in terms of, like, off-the-shelf framed or things that can be customized, we offer, in terms of price range options. It depends how deep you want to go with the customs with the custom elements and of course the more custom it is, the better the bike is going to be so it really is based on

Dr. Wright needs and hopes and dreams and budget. We can offer you the best thing for ya for what you need and what you want to be doing on the bike, that's really good. I was a especially because I was saying to you earlier that whenever I've gone by before I absolutely loved it but then I needed a more custom made because quite numb afterwards so well I think it is really important because once you have found a bike then obviously it's going to motivate you to use it more.

Or and it's going it is going to improve your activity on like whilst recycling as well, which is great, but I need to get involved in this. So obviously the government allowed for cycle shops to stay open and just Aquanaut obviously, increase activity and also help, you know, Central work is to use this as a mode of transport and how have the shop been operating during lockdown?

Right. So we right now have one person in the shop at a time and that's mainly been. Our one mechanic who's been single-handedly running Cloud 9 for us while we sort of support externally. So we've got a very capable mechanic in there and he is seeing we're seeing a lot of people especially essential workers who are coming and the either returning to cycling. After a very long hiatus,

I said the safe alternative to transit or so they're always bringing us a bike that they hasn't seen the light of day for potentially years. And so, we're having to make sure that bikes are safe and reliable to ride. We've also seen lots of customers who are taking this opportunity to finally get the bikes that they've always wanted. And that is something that we can also help with. So, yeah, it's been really nice to see this sort of surge

Each of physical activity, and people participating in physical activity, because, of course, we have our one a day. So there's that aspect. That's leisurely, and it's amazing for mental health and of course, physical health and the environment. Honestly, I really think that like, Linda probably Saves the World in many ways, but then we also have, of course, is very practical essential worker using the bike as a form of

Which needs to be safe and they need to be able to rely on it to get around. So yeah, I think that's really useful as well because a lot of people that are going back to work soon. They mainly have anxiety because of the troops because obviously based in central London, that's an issue that we're going to have and that people are scared to get on the on the Underground. So I think that that will encourage quite a lot more people to cycle and to use bikes where they do feel safe on the road because

Because obviously then there's that aspect of it that you can't just kind of bring out a bike from a garage. That's all rusty and mountain biking down the road with it which is the sort of thing that I would usually do. So I think just to encourage people to use them more just in order to get a bike that works for them so that they can't use it more which is and what do you feel like them to tell us a little bit more about the benefits of cycling to stop and a little bit more encouragement?

I mean, the bike is such a versatile saying whether it's like a large part of your identity and your, a serious athlete, or you get on it, maybe once a, once a week for your leisurely Escape, I think that riding a bike is so important for so many aspects of a city in terms of space and in terms of mental health, and in terms of physical activity, and, of course,

It's a really nice time right now to talk about the infrastructure of a city as well and psycho safety in terms of space and especially now like highlighted so much by sort of social distancing and the space between bodies that is the safe amount of space. So we're also seeing a need and a call for like the widening of cycle cycle Lane and dedicated cycling. Yeah.

I feel like this time is really opening up a lot of different conversations around cycling, safety and advocacy. In terms of like how much it can benefit a city. Yeah, there's a lot to talk about. Yeah, I agree because obviously when you're the traffic lights and stuff in the mornings and you see all of the commuters on the bikes and obviously they need to create that space so it's definitely conversations that need to be hand. Really know that it was needed previously but

Now, there's even it's an ongoing issue that is death. I think it will be addressed shortly. Like it's going to have to be and terrorism. So, obviously some people that are staying at home. At the moment, I'm not wanting to get out at what are the indoor cycling Alternatives, right? Indoor cycling. I have never personally, I've always loved this thing back, but of course, we're not Gathering person.

Isis right now. So I know that a lot of people in the cycling Community has found sort of online, Gatherings, and online, sort of like sessions on on a stationary bike really helpful, because like, myself included. I, when I ride, I ride with other people and it's a huge part of the joy of cycling for me. As much as I love as a solo ride. I can only do that so much before, I crave something else I love to be able to share

Share the experience of a bike with other people. So, yeah, I know that a lot of people have been turning to, like turbos to make bikes that they already own into into a stationary bike, but then, there's also some really crazy Tech out there. Like, we now you can now pre-order with us the Wahoo, pick your bike, which we had in the shop sort of earlier before it was available for a brief time there to sort of try it out. And we ended up,

It's a bike sitting and it was just like some something from the future. This bike moves under you and can be set to any group set on the market. That's out there in terms of the shifting and what brake is on which five it literally can just sort of automatically attuned to any existing bike that you might own or that you might want to own so that it basically more under you into the bike.

That you might might want to buy or not based on your experience.

That's amazing. Completely technology, almost like a Tesla bit invite form. It's clearly some just commented actually saying I would be looking to cycle to work to avoid public transport. However I have a 10 K dot 10 kg dog. Do you have any dog baskets or can recommend any or

We definitely love to solve problems. I called Nine since I've been with Cloud Nine. We have not that I can remember built or sort of provided anything, specifically for dogs, but there are amazing a cargo bikes options out there. And yeah, if that person would love to send us an email, we'd like to send us an email at. I'm sure we could recommend

Some stuff that's out there. It's impossible. That's great, thank you. I hope that also just doing what I've been the attention to the stuff that you were doing kind of before lockdown. And because obviously, I know that you did events and you traveled in Scotland until you did one of these cycle events in Scotland. Yeah. Isn't it?

Yeah. Yeah, that was so that was I I got to I was lucky enough to take part in the making of a film that launched around a month ago. Now, I guess cold rain spotting and that was with brother Cycles which is a uk-based bike bike builder that and they're amazing and we stock a lot of brothers and do a lot of brother builds and then also a touring sort of company called pain.

Acc will also uk-based an amazing and sort of a lifestyle sort of resource and they have made in the past and this was number two. And yeah, I was lucky enough to be able to take part and it was meant to Premiere at shafts, the Sheffield Adventure film festivals, and, of course, that all that all got canceled. And so, we ended up launching it online. And I think, because

Because of the current situation actually potentially reach, more people than it would have if it if it premiered at the film festival and through events in general. So it was it was, it wasn't disappointing because it was actually a really nice thing to be able to sort of offer and unveil in a time when people are stuck at home and watching bike Adventures, instead of going on them, right? When I went to the extreme it, but if I wanted to watch it later, is there.

Is there a link click on them? Yeah if you recall right rain spotting Zinio into Google it will come up yet. Sometimes 17 something minutes long and it's just a really nice though to escape to the Scottish Highlands. Yeah, amazing I think it just just to kind of feel like you're Outdoors at the moment within those climates could be anything. And what's the longest I have you ever done any Cycles person leads? So say for example, like to learn from London, France.

It's or have you ever done any long Cycles like that with a group of people? Yeah, yeah, I mean I've done so I don't need been in the UK for a couple years. So most of my long-distance cycling Avengers have been in Ontario, in Canada. But I had some pretty exciting Adventures planned for this this summer and spring and fall. The most exciting one

So, I have not done this yet, but I was set to do it. This coming June or July is the pain Celtic race and we sort of have a cloud nine. We've collaborated with the pan Celtic before. Yeah, to do a gathering there then took orgasms and they've cultivated this amazing community of ultra distance. And so the pain cultural changes every year.

And this year's iteration of it was meant to I think start in Wales and then go into go north and there's like to Ferry Crossings and I think last year ended in it so it is a house in. Yeah.

So, those are the sorts of things that are happening, right? Is things are being just completely postponed, but it also affords, extra time for other things like writing and reflecting and sort of digging back into, like, Photo archives that sort of those kinds of things that you always meaning to do, but you never get to do so. Yeah.

Yeah, exactly. I've, I've started up kind of fitness and doing all of this and that's the main thing that I've been doing in the meantime, but a readings go. I like meeting tell us a little bit more about, kind of bike pack and camping, you know, because I think that you mentioned something about when you cycle, you can kind of put the camp with cycling. Absolutely. As a sad, we build a lot of banks for people who are wanting

The backpack and people who are wanting those overnight adventures and a bike that they can rely on, either on the road or off-road, holy everything that they need. And those their bikes are really fun because every custom build sort of there's no formula. There's no, there's no sort of one size, fits all solution a lot of, well, it's a lot of with the love back.

Support in terms of what the customer wants and sometimes a customer comes but it doesn't even quite know what they want. So it's sort of our great those, those hopes and dreams and figure out exactly what the customer would like out of their bikes. But yeah, bypassing and sort of like micro Adventures as they say, is really popular right now, and I think they're really important in terms of escaping from everyday life,

Escaping from the city and connecting to Nature and getting out there. And really just sort of letting your mind go for a night or two and potentially being with friends. And yeah, that is a really big Trend right now and I think that it's really beneficial for people with busy lives. I think that will be really interesting to a close friend of mine, actually because she loves to do all of these Cycles, you know, like nuns and

Brighton. I'm going to Paris and she even side to it. So, I called to Italy and she said that one of the problems that she found was she would love to kind of go to Italy and then Camp. Because she's very outdoorsy and she and she enjoys that, but she was just like about how, like, how do I take? I my tents. Like, I don't understand how I take, everybody takes things like that. So you even went to cycling within the UK and they want to go on a camping trip. The ideal would be to cycle there in the first place, can't do the camping trip and then cycle bag.

So I know that when they were when they were doing in everything, when they had to go on like from England, France finger went on from to the Eurostar man have to cover pack everything up at pack their bags and they had to cut. So they just said like it would just be so much easier if there was a solution to that. So I'll definitely let her to, to come to you guys. I think that solution because it's perfect. It was she just sounds perfect. It's like such a simple way to travel and those like,

Like to me, there's no comparable feeling to knowing that you have everything that you see on this machine that you are powering, it's just like the most free feeling out there. I mean, it's my favorite thing, that's so good. So I can't believe you're making me want to go really long. Like right now, tell me a little bit more about store street because we were speaking about it before we came.

I just think it's important to finish off and on what a wonderful Street it is, how long have you guys been on still Street? Do you know? It will be around six years. We had our 10th anniversary party around this time last year, which is really lovely. I mean, bike shops and Industry. Unfortunately, is that see a lot of great shops closed, very often quite heartbreaking, it's tough. It's really, really great that he has made.

Made it, this this phone and been able to celebrate a decade and we wouldn't be able to do it without are incredibly supportive customer base and store Street itself has its own lovely Community. I mean Street has a lot of history sort of like ago and in terms of all the small businesses that are along that stretch, it really does feel like a community working there and you there are all the familiar faces and everyone knows each other's names.

And it's just really lovely and I will also do that in terms of the current climate right now. There is no no more beneficial things for small businesses to be doing right now than to be supporting each other and, and sort of latching on to that Community feeling and asking for support and sharing resources and that is I think we're all better together. And that to me that's the only option. So if any of you this in haven't been, so,

And yet you have to it's such an iconic Street in Bloomsbury and it's so beautifully presented as well. And I just think that it's really has. Kept the community Vibe as a tailor said, as well as independent shops, which I think is really important for Community such as Bloomsbury. It's brilliant. I really like it and they do been through festivals and so I'm sure that there will be a time in the future where we can do one of those festivals again. So yeah, joint joint doing and I just do before we finish off and I just

Say that Callum Rogers has kindly shared the link for us on the comments. So if you do want to watch, if you do want to watch rain spotting and then you can. So to make sure that you click on that link, I'm definitely going to do it. And then someone else Maureen has written. I want to start citing to work by. Have never been the best at it. What are most important things to look for in a bike when getting a Citi Bike for the first time? Hmm. Well really?

Then it depends on how far you going to say and, and

It is your vehicle and your on it every day, potentially. So not body to machine connection is really important. You want to avoid injuries. You want to avoid any stress on any parts of your body. It really is used to be harmonious. So that that would be where I would start. And then of course, every case is different but from there, as soon as you have your bikes in Geometry that nose down your office into things that are available.

Well, like right away and you might only have a few couple options in there. So yeah, that's why I recommend. It's a journey. Thank you so much for joining us here today. I really enjoyed this other than virtually

Shop. So it will be lovely but yes just to remind everyone so the link to watch the video is in the comments will also put that will edit it, so that it's at the top and also visit your website Cloud9 doc. I don't think a cloud on title screen. I don't like Instagram as well. Instagram

They're constantly giving you updates, they're constantly giving you stories that are lovely friendly bunch and you kind of feel like, you know them. So yes, support this business lie and thank you again for joining us today. And I've really enjoyed it and have a lovely day. Thanks, Megan.

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