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Girl dancing at Music Festivals in London 2019

Summer Music Festivals in London 2019

Summer Music Festivals in London 2019 at Hyde, Brockwell and Victoria Parks The only thing hotter than London’s scorching heat is its spectacular summer music London festival scene. Over 20 major festivals are planned for this year. The line-up for music festivals in London 2019 look poised to attract revellers in large numbers. What’s on […]

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Bar in pub crawl London

King’s Cross Pub Crawl London

The great British tradition of pub crawls is alive and buzzing! The social, drinking and musical experiences on a pub crawl are sought-after among locals and visitors alike. The good news is that Greater London is teeming with bars and pubs located in proximity to one another. We are happy to recommend the best King’s […]

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keys - moving to london tips

Moving to London Tips

So many people across the world covet London for its sheer ultra-modern vibe and peerlessly historic charm. But there’s a lot that you need to do before landing in this utopic city. From getting a job to finding an estate agent London to setting up your home, moving to London entails a lot of work. […]

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A couple preparing for retirement

Preparing for retirement in the UK

If you are planning to retire in the UK, there are a few things that you should know to be absolutely prepared. Whether you are a citizen or a foreign national, retiring in the UK can be a good idea for the high quality of health care and the standard of living that is offered. […]

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Image of London - Best areas to live in London

Best areas to live in London

What are the best areas to live in London? London is a great place to live. The capital city has everything you need within easy reach and getting around is easy. If you are planning on moving to London and need tips on great places to live, then our London realtor has a compact list […]

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Theatre from Soho in the 50s

Soho in the 50s

What did Soho in the 50s look like? Soho has retained its charm as the main entertainment district of London since the 19th century. The beautiful neighbourhood of Soho was developed out of a farmland in 1536 by Henry VIII. It developed into a parish by the 17th century while the famous Soho Square was […]

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Underground station - London Underground History

London Underground History

The easiest way to commute in the city of London is via the underground stations. The public rapid transit system, popularly called “the Tube,” serves all of London with 270 stations and some neighbourhood counties including Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The London Underground history begins in 1863 The London Underground history begins in 1863, with […]

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Champagne at one of the best quirky restaurants in London

It’s Time to Visit the Best Quirky Restaurants in London

On weekend outings and special occasions, many of us stick to our favourite restaurants that we know and love. In the process, we walk right past quirky restaurants that offer mind-blowing and unforgettable experiences inside. If you’re ready to try something new and eclectic, our estate agent London has just the recommendations for you. These […]

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Woman at Best Gyms in Central London

Best Gyms in Central London

Gone are the days when gyms featured a drab environment and were not the place you would spend Friday night. Times have changed and so have the way they design gyms. Many gyms now mimic the vibrant and adrenaline-charged atmosphere of nightclubs and happening restaurants. Our London real estate agent has picked out the best […]

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