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What makes GLP the most inventive estate agent Central London has seen in years?

If you’ve made it this far into our website, you’ll already have a great insight into our ethics, our award-winning performance, and just how good we are at what we do.

But how do we pinpoint the golden ingredient that makes us so special?

Well, when it comes to tracking down and delivering the most attractive real estate Central London has to offer, you have to really know London.

And, let me tell you—we KNOW London.

We’re the Central London property specialists

Okay, we don’t only know London—we live it. Most of our team are true London locals. We live in and around the areas we work in. We explore the shops, eat in the restaurants—and we certainly take time out to wind down in the wonderful bars each of those lively and sophisticated areas have to offer.

In fact, if you’d like a few recommendations, we’d be more than happy to point you in the direction of each and every one of our favourites.

Yet that’s not all.

Indeed, it takes a good head on firm shoulders to succeed in business, but it takes a far more driven and talented one to excel.

Choosing to work with an exceptional business is how you get the most from your investment. It’s all about value. That’s not to say it’s about who’s the cheapest, or who’s fees ‘appear’ to be way under the standard; it’s about getting precisely what you need, and how that service is delivered.

Our aim was always to become the Central London specialists. What you get from GLP is all of the fine details, sincere recommendations, local community knowledge, and a real picture into how each neighbourhood works and feels. You get everything you need—and delivered by the best estate agents in London.

Why would you go anywhere else?

From ‘value’ to ‘values’

Our values? Yes, we bang on about those a lot—probably more than we should. It’s because we’re so proud of them. Take a moment to explore our values, and then any other estate agency’s. In Central London, it’s easy to get swept up by the colossal figures and way higher than average property prices; suddenly, those all-important values can easily slip out of view. Not at GLP. We’re all about the how, and not the how much.

It’s our values and the pride in our service that drives us—not our bottom line.

Do our competitors stand up to what we offer?

We’re not sure they can. We’re the largest independent estate agents in Central London, which makes the way we do business differently to how our competitors—the corporate agencies—perform. We believe we’re far more flexible, friendlier, and with greater autonomy—we can tweak our rules and systems to suit our clients whenever we need to; can the corporates do that so easily? We’re not sure they can.

This unique way of working creates a special kind of freedom—to work around the specific needs of every one of our clients.

We’re not just independent, though—we’re fiercely independent. We have 2 branches in prime locations, which means we can deliver more than ever. Both teams work hand-in-hand to raise the scope of what we offer. If you thought two heads were better than one, try twenty! There isn’t a single stone left unturned when our team takes hold of a new challenge.

Finally, and unlike the branches of the corporate agencies, we’re not in competition with each other—trying to top targets and win some kind of internal sales and figures contest. We’re here, quite simply, to get the job done, and as well as we can.

How did we become one of the leading Central London estate agents?

You can dig into our rise and growth story, and how we got to where we are today by reading what we have to say on our ‘about us’ page. With all of that in mind, our values and protocols remain the same; striving to stay ahead in ever-evolving times, and the fast-paced progression of the technology we utilise.

Our foundation is based on honesty, integrity, and enthusiasm. With those values, we’ve become nothing short of transparent, tenacious, and passionate. Our passion drives the integration into the communities we work with, in, and for—it’s those elements that are so important to us, being able to deliver the fine details you need.

We live and LOVE London

We’ve tried to paint a picture of our local expertise within the area guides on our website. Take a look for yourself; but if you’re considering a property in any of the locations we cover, do yourself a favour—make an appointment to discuss what you really want from a home or commercial property in London—and let us blow you away with our up-to-the-minute expertise.


Bloomsbury is fashionable, rich in culture, and impeccably maintained. It’s well connected, sophisticated, and has its share of green spaces as well as hidden-gem shops and cafes.

What’s happening right now? Well, the average price of a home in Bloomsbury is £565k. Property price rises have slowed down over the past year to 19.7%, with the average property price rise over the previous 5 years standing at 23.4%.

If you’re looking into the rental market, the average let of a house only just tips £3k/month, with flats little under £2k/month. It could be a good time to take advantage of the 7.7% drop in rents from the past year. It’s all food for thought.


Bursting with life, Soho has it all: vibrant nightlife, community spirit, history, decadence, and class. Soho is the epitome of cool. It’s creative and professional, innovative and original. Have you got what it takes to be its newest resident? Let’s look at the numbers.

You won’t get much change from £1m, given the average price of a home in this uber-exclusive area. Despite everything that’s going on, prices have seen an increase of 23.6% in the past 12 months. That’s quite something, given the average 2.6% fall over the past 5 years.

Renting a flat in Soho will cost you, on average, a figure just topping £2k/month. Rental prices are rising—6.1% over the past year—so if you’re thinking of making a base there, maybe you shouldn’t wait too long?

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is like nowhere on earth. At every turn, you’re drenched in exquisite architecture, culture, energy, and a sense of peace and calm that you wouldn’t necessarily expect in an area that has so much going on.

It’s probably why so many people would love to live there. Property prices have risen over the last year by 10.5% to an average home price a little short of £1.5m.

If you can find a house to rent, you can expect to pay around £5k/month for the pleasure. Renting a flat will cost you around half that figure.


Mayfair is one of the most expensive areas of Central London to live in; it’s also one of the finest. The average price of a home in the area exceeds £2.5m. It’s as designer an area to live in as the stores and brands you’ll see gracing each corner, resident, and business.

Its parks are grand and beautiful, its pubs and restaurants charming and boutique. In parts, it tips a nod to the French Riviera, in others, to countryside not much of London can recreate.

Rentals run at an average of £3.2k/month for flats and £5.7k/month for a house. If you’d like to experience Mayfair’s opulence, and you have the budget, now could be a good time with rental prices falling by 10% over the past year.

King’s Cross

King’s Cross is continually changing. Unsurprisingly, as the landing point for so many entering the capital, it makes for prime real estate with such accessible links. Its Victorian architecture manages a modern landscape, with brands, cafes, bars, and restaurants of all sizes popping up in every corner.

There’s plenty of life and culture to help you unwind or appreciate the vibe of the area. You’ll also find 26 acres of parks and open spaces to help you turn off completely.

King’s Cross has an active market with an average home price of £726k. Renting a house will set you back slightly less than £3.5k/month, and a flat just short of £2k/month.


Tucked away not too far from the bustle and busy of Oxford Street, Marylebone delivers a little more calm than you would expect to find in Central London. Its leafy streets and period properties prove evidence of its history. Marylebone has always been oh-so-fashionable.

From weekly farmers markets and independent food specialists to Michelin Star restaurants—Marylebone exudes food culture. It’s also rich in theatres, museums, parks and gardens. If you have what it takes to move here, we can’t see a reason not to.

The average home price is £1.2m. Prices have been rising over the past 5 years, yet they’ve remained relatively level over the past year. Rental prices have fallen only slightly over the past 12 months by 2.5%, leaving house rentals an average of £3.4k/month and flats at £2.4k/month.


If it was good enough for George Bernard Shaw and Virginia Woolf, it’s good enough for us! Fitzrovia oozes bohemian charm. Quirky and individual, superbly central and captivating—there are plenty of delicious stop-offs to recharge your batteries—just the right type of break from exploring its eccentric museums and shops.

Living in Fitzrovia requires you have a £1m to spare, given the average home price. Renters will need over £3.2k/month for a house or £2.1k/month for a flat. Either way, you’ll find plenty of reasons to be delighted with your new home in this area.

Our favourite tools of the trade are our people

If our staff aren’t obsessed with what’s happening in and around London when they join us, they soon become that way. Given how much effort we put into creating the strongest team available for our clients, we make sure we do just as much to keep them that way.

We know how important it is that our staff aren’t just happy at work but that they love what they do. We don’t want to have to train new members when our brilliant team players are poached or need a new challenge. That would be a waste of our time when we could be getting stuck into the parts of the job that we really thrive on.

We’ve learnt what it takes to keep our team loyal, invested, and excited. It’s easy to spot those qualities if you’re lucky enough to meet any one of them in your search for a new property, or when selling your home.

Take a look at the reviews they get from AllAgents. We consistently hit the top score across the board; for all staff, in both of our branches – Bloomsbury and Soho.

And if that’s not enough to deliver proof of our expertise, there are a handful of the typically strong testimonials that our asset management team regularly attain.


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