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Chiltern Street Marylebone

How is Chiltern Street Marylebone becoming more popular by Residents.

London has never failed to appeal to its visitors. The city has its own way of fusing history with the contemporary to create an everlasting charm. What’s more special are the plush and well-laid-out neighbourhoods that dot London’s urban areas, which accentuate the modernity and classiness of the city. One such neighbourhood is Marylebone, which brings together the rustic charm and urban feel with the right balance. As such, it’s not uncommon for several Londoners to consider getting a home to
rent in Marylebone.

Marylebone is a chic and affluent residential community in Central London, which is known for the Oxford Street, Regent’s Park, Harley Street, St. Christophers Place and not to forget, Bakers Street. But that’s not all that this hidden gem in London offers its residents. Greater London Properties, an estate agent local to Marylebone have seen a surge in interest especially in and around Chiltern Street.

Fame, fashion, glitter and glamour are defining characteristics of Marylebone’s Chiltern Street. The calmness of the place sets it apart from the bustling Baker Street or Oxford Street or Edgware road for that matter. The Victorian Gothic architecture of buildings on Chiltern Street is certainly a good way to revisit the charm and appeal of that age, making it one of the finest localities in London.

If the cool and calm vibe of Chiltern Street doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you haven’t visited the bars, shops and cafes on the street. Whether it’s for a fancy meal with your family or shopping for your wedding, Chiltern Street has everything that an avid foodie or shopaholic would want. Over the years, the area has boasted upmarket men’s fashion brands, such as Sunspel, Club Monaco and Trunk. Specialist shops, including Cadenhead’s whiskey shop, Trudon, Mouki Mou and Kohatu + Petros’ are simply great places for shoppers.

After your shopping spree is over, why not drop in Monocle Cafe or Nordic Bakery for some light refreshments? From thin-crust pizzas to Scandinavian cinnamon buns, you get everything to please your taste buds. The bustling shopping centres, lively cafes and restaurants, convenient facilities and affordable housing options at Chiltern Street are reasons enough for people to pick up their phone and call Greater London Properties, Marylebones estate agent.

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