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Hello and welcome to the gavel to this lovely, two bedroom apartments. This one's right in the heart of Soho just next in Leicester Square. In fact, so it's a huge space which I will show you as we go around in a second. Arguably, one of the finest locations that you see around here. I mean, you can walk to Leicester Square in less than 30 seconds just at the end of the road, which I'll show you out of that window. To get started, though. We're on the fourth floor here. Come through this, front entrance Door.

On this side.

Entry system on the wall. There on the right hand side and that's got a video as well down to the right. Are the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the reception room.

This is just so you can measure against the floor plan as we go around and put the kitchen in front of us. And then there is a separate space through here, which I'll start with.

Which actually leads to the fire escape out the back. So you've got wooden flooring which leads all the way through except in the bathrooms and the kitchen. Secondary glazing all the way through as well. So not one, but two separate layers of Windows are great at keeping up that background noise, which you will find in the central area like this. Through this door is the old fire. Escape. You've got double locks on this one, but it's there just in case you need it for any reason, but no one should be coming up and down this there.

It's for any reason. Unless there is literally an emergency, this room could use as maybe a laundry space. I mean, whatever you really need to use it for us, your space, to do with what you will. As we come through this way. We have the kitchen.

So quite recently refurbished nice and bright, plenty spacious as well. You've got these big windows at the front, letting in loads of natural light. And we are looking due east on that side. So you get the some mid-morning to sort of late afternoon. And that's with the appliances. We have a full-sized fridge, freezer to the fridge on that side.

I'm in the freezer tucked way down there on the sends. We have the dishwasher and then plenty of storage all the way along as well. So it's all together. You've got 868 square feet to play with in the end. So it's a massive space, quick shot in this cupboard. Just you've got your

Fuse board in there, your switchboard even

Washer dryer. It's tucked away in this one but coming back to that point about a huge space. Look at this. Absolutely enormous. You've Got High ceilings all the way through as well. Lovely, wooden flooring. And then at the front classic old touches this, half moon shape window up here and again, secondary blazed the way through these buildings are ancient. As you can see. This is what you'll come to London for, is that classic style, Mary Poppins View?

When you're in one of them inside, it's been nicely refurbished as well.

Couple of old touches will say you've got the old mantelpiece on this side, but just that, you know, a big space to make your road basically. So once you throw all of your furniture in here,

You'll have everything you need and you can really fill it with whatever sort of set up. You want to go for and you can put your TV on that side. You've got plenty of space for big sofa. I've Heard the Last Tenant had three Sofas in here. In fact, got one of those away and you've got extra space for a massive dining table. So yeah, however, you want to work this, it's going to go down pretty well. And then through this door.

We have the veterans. So this would effectively be the master on this side.

So room for a large double bed, maybe even a king size over there. And then on this side we have bathroom which has automatic lights on it there.

So, shower space.

A walk-in shower. Just everything. You really need storage is built in over on this side.

You got a long hanging rail.

She'll for the top and then another store cupboard space up there also, but if you did need to add any more storage once more, you're not short of space to do it and you could have a big wardrobe on this side, a small chest of drawers over. You wanted to set it up. Really, I'm just pan around.

I'm here and I'm looking out that way. See the BT Tower in the distance of that stores in North London.

Now, moving through.

We have the second bathroom. So this would be the guest bathrooms, got a bath and the shower there again, fairly recently refurbished. So it's not enough to date just quite nicely done in general. And then lastly the second bedroom through here. This is a larger space in this one so it could work quite well. Also, if you did want it is your master bedroom, the mantelpiece in the corner.

Roberto could be coming out of this war. For example, with plenty of space either side of your bedside tables. And then once more you've got your storage building over on the side like so. So as far as it goes with respect to transport links, you are in the heart of everything here. Piccadilly Circus is about a minutes, walk down that way, as we said, Leicester Square down this way. So once you cross the square itself, the station is just on the other side, couple minutes away, Oxford Circus up the other

Tottenham Court Road the other way. And then bit further afield. Everywhere else. All the pubs bars restaurants theaters are right here. So you are in the thick of it and yet this is quite a peaceful reclusive space away from it all. So excellent property managers included their base nearby. You'll have a property manager. Assigned to your flat will be looking after you and this was ready to go as soon as you are, so you can make an offer based on this video if you want or if you do want to come and have a look in person with

More than happy to do that. Bearing in mind, all the covid safety rules, which we save the whole way through and then we can move from there. So the number to call if you're interested is 0-2 07734 4062. You can reach us on our website as well as greater than the properties. Just give us a Google will be happy to run you through the details.

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