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How Desirable is King’s Cross?

King’s Cross is among London’s fast developing neighbourhoods, whose transformation beginning in the mid-nineties from a red light area to a cultural hub has been interesting to witness.

Stroll on the lively streets, rest at the charming squares and revitalise at one of the area’s many parks and gardens. Spend some time at the Gasgosian, British Library or House of Illustration, dine at Michelin starred restaurants, swim in a natuarally filtered pond or just relax canal-side on weekends with many others for company. The atmosphere is vibrant yet relaxed, with modern architecture co-existing harmoniously with Victorian structures.

Homes in King’s Cross exhibit a common characteristic of thoughtful construction, defined by quality finishes, manicured gardens and terraces, and dedicated spaces for car parking, waste, recycling and storage. Residential design is otherwise diverse, from large family homes to student studios. Apartments benefit from low-carbon heating systems and excellent solar orientation, promising warmth in winter and cool breeze during the summer.

Businesses have been quick to capitalise on the area’s potential. While already home to The Guardian, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Louis Vuitton and PRS for Music, its most famous resident yet is likely to be Google, which plans to start building its £1 billion headquarters here in 2018. As companies, renters and home buyers arrive in King’s Cross, property prices and rents are swinging upwards. However, they are significantly more affordable than the exorbitant rents and prices in the city’s plush neighbourhoods. Contact our estate agent London in our Bloomsbury office on 0207 113 1066.

Rob Hill, Greater London Properties

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