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Does the property seller get a copy of the property survey?

Yes, in order to protect both parties. The property survey is a record of the boundaries of the property.
Most people will not buy without seeing it, and some sellers refuse to sell their property unless all parties have seen it first. It helps if you ask your agent for a copy of any surveys they’ve seen in advance so that you know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

The property seller may opt to have an updated survey of their property conducted while their house is up for sale in order to obtain a current picture of what has changed since previous surveys were completed.

If you believe your home is worth more than the price at which it is being offered for sale, getting a fresh study may be beneficial. If you decide to go through with the expense and risk of having a new survey completed, and you are successful in selling your home for more money as a result of the size or improvements you have made, you should consider providing a copy of the report to the buyer as part of the settlement procedures.

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