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How Much Does It Cost To Move House?

We answer the question ‘How Much Does It Cost To Move House’?

How Much Does It Cost To Move House? There are a lot of factors to consider when you are moving house and it’s important you factor in everything prior to putting your house on the market.

Mortgage arrangement fees: You will need to pay your lender an arrangement fee. It will cost around £1,000 and in most cases it is non-refundable even if the deal falls through.

Valuation fee: Lenders charge this to check that the property exists and that it also offers sufficient security for the loan. The cost varies according to lender and purchase price, but save around £300.

Stamp duty: Buying a property more than £125,000 and you will have to pay stamp duty. This is unless you are a first time buyer and your property is less than £300,000. To find out more click here.

Surveys: These are important but expensive, with a typical survey costing £400 to £700. You might need to budget for 2 or 3. To find out more click here.

Removal costs: A removal van will be needed to move your belongings. These start at £100 for small local moves, but can easily run to £1,000 for a family with a lot of furniture.  Greater London Properties work with Kiwi Movers, to receive your discount please email the Kiwi Movers team ([email protected]) and quote GLP.

Home repairs: Save some spare money to cover any unexpected problems such as leaks and bad paintwork.

Furniture and extras: You may need to buy everything from beds and sofas to carpets. Then there are also small essentials such as: light bulbs and doormats etc.

Make moving house as stress free as possible – give our team at Greater London Properties a call and we will take you through the process step by step and advise on which independent industry professionals to use.

We hope this answers your question ‘How Much Does It Cost To Move House?’.  If you are looking to buy a property in Central London, please visit Greater London Properties, Central London’s largest independent estate agent or call us on 0207 113 1066.

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