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How To Stop An Overflow

How To Stop An Overflow

By Greater London Properties

To stop an overflow quickly remove the tank lid on the back of the toilet. Reach inside the tank and lift the float for the fill valve until you see the water in the bowl stop rising. The fill valve is attached to the largest object in the tank and uses a float on one end. You want to lift the float in order to seal the fill valve so that the water will stop rising and prevent overflow. 

 Saniflo toilets

Some toilets are fitted with a Saniflo Macerator Pump, which breaks up material and pumps water into the drains of the property. They are used when a toilets position is too far from the drain pipe-work for it to be plumbed in normally.

If you have a Saniflo toilet you should be able to see a box, where the pump is located and you will hear the pump working when you flush the toilet. This sound is completely normal, though if you notice it increasing in volume or the sound changes, you should contact your property manager as there may be a fault with the pump.

Everyday use

The most important thing to note with Saniflo toilets is that you cannot put anything other than small amounts of toilet paper down them. Any items other than toilet paper can break the macerator. It is expensive to replace Saniflo pumps and if they break down due to misuse, you will be charged for repair or replacement.


You can use normal toilet cleaning products in your Saniflo toilet, though you should never use drain unblocking products, as this will damage the rubber components within the unit.

To de-scale a Saniflo toilet you must purchase the branded de-scaling product from a Saniflo supplier (these can be sourced from an internet search engine).

For both de-scaling and general cleaning you should follow this procedure;

1.       Turn off the pump unit

2.       Pour a strong dose of descalant, bleach or toilet cleaner

3.       Flush the WC

4.       Leave to stand for 30 minutes

5.       Switch power back on to pump unit and flush WC

Hopefully this answers your question on How to stop an overflow.

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