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Is my landlord responsible for pest control?

Is my landlord responsible for pest control?

By Greater London Properties

 It is a tenant’s responsibility to carry out pest control and to prevent the likelihood of mice entering a property. Traps and bait can be bought from most household stores and supermarkets and are very reasonably priced. If pest control does become a major problem the property management team will provide you with the name of a professional pest control company who you may want to instruct.

In some cases the landlord will carry out ‘proofing’ of the property, i.e. blocking as many obvious holes as possible which may be considered a point of entry for rodents.

 It is important that tenants take precautions to prevent mice entering the property by making sure food is stored in containers and put away, food crumbs are cleaned immediately and that waste is kept in bins and then removed from the property to be collected by the local authority waste collection services.

Mice are one of the most common types of pest in London and it can be very difficult to exclude them from properties, therefore, it is very important to try to prevent them entering in every way possible.

We hope this answers your question ‘Is my landlord responsible for pest control?’.

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