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What are conveyancing searches and additional enquires?

Greater London Properties answers your question ‘What are conveyancing searches and additional enquires?’

What are conveyancing searches and additional enquires? The conveyancing searches are for you to avoid major costs in the future because they will reveal any issues with the property you are planning to purchase. These problems could be with the area or the property and may impact the cost of the purchase price or in fact if you decide to go ahead with the sale.

There are 2 standard searches when buying a property and in extreme circumstances a few others that your conveyancing solicitor might recommend (for instance if the building is Grade 1/2 listed etc).

Local Authority

This search gives you information on a number of different areas such as: planning issues, road works, the proximity of a railway or tube lines. If not checked it might affect your use of your property or the enjoyment.

Water and drainage

This search reveals information such as: proximity of public sewers, if a sewer runs on your property boundaries and if your property is connected to the main water supply.

The other Conveyancing searches


This search checks whether land contamination is an issue. This is important as it considers the environmental issues where necessary such as if there is a landfill close to the property. The lender might withdraw the mortgage offer, if there is serious contamination problems because the clean up costs might be large.

Commons Registration

This search should be carried out if the property borders on common land or a village green. If it is found that any such land has been registered under the Commons Registration Act 1965, no development is allowed over that land. This search can also be undertaken as an optional enquiry. This search should always be carried out when dealing with agricultural land.

Coal Mining

This reveals if your property  is situated in an affected area. It also reveals whether there is anticipated coal mining, past mining activities has happened or existence of underground coal works. These may cause problems with subsidence (when one side of the property sinks). It will also reveal whether any claims for compensation due to subsidence have been made. In some cases where compensation has already been paid out due to subsidence, it will not be paid out again even if it continues to be a problem.

Land Charges

This search is done when dealing with unregistered land. It will reveal any bankruptcy issues against the owner of the property. Also will show other information such as: restrictive covenants, mortgages, estate contracts and home rights.

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