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What documents do I need to rent a property in the UK if I am student.

What documents do I need to rent a property in the UK if I am student.

Documents Needed to Rent in the UK for Students

Renting a flat as a student in the UK is typically a straightforward process. There are various landlords who rent homes specifically to students and these are usually equipped with everything that you will need for the academic year. Most student homes are shared between groups of students although you can find self-contained, individual flats for those who prefer their own space and more privacy.

Finding Student Landlords London:

If you’re a student looking to rent in London, the first step is finding a student landlord with a suitable property. Here at GLP, we often list student properties to rent, so it’s worth taking a look at what’s currently available. You can also ask your university, who may be able to recommend student landlords and accommodation providers that meet your needs.

What You’ll Need When Renting a Flat as a Student:

Renting a house or flat as a student is similar to renting a property for non-students, although tenancy agreements are typically shorter, lasting for the academic year. Most student rentals will run from August or September to June or July, although you can find some that are more long-term for students who would rather not move each year. To rent a property as a student, you will need to provide identification and proof of your current address, usually in the form of a bill or a letter from your university. To take advantage of your council tax exemption, you will also need to ensure that the council is provided with your exemption letter from your university; this can be done by yourself or through your letting agency, who will inform the council on your behalf.

Does Student Rent London Require a Guarantor?

In the majority of cases, students in London are required to provide details of a guarantor when renting a property. The purpose of the guarantor is to be an individual who agrees to cover rent payments in the event of the student being unable to meet them. A guarantor is often required to be a homeowner, although this is not always necessary as long as the individual agrees to the arrangement. Your guarantor does not have to be related to you; however, it is important to ask somebody who you trust to uphold the agreement if necessary. A guarantor is not always required for student properties, but where it is, you will need to ask your guarantor to provide some documents including their identification, proof of homeownership if applicable, proof of address, and proof of income.

Rent a Student Flat – What You Need:

Along with the relevant documents, you might be wondering what else you are going to need when renting a London flat or room as a student. In most cases, student housing is provided fully furnished with living room furniture, all white goods, and bedroom furniture. All you will need to bring is your personal items and living essentials such as kitchen equipment. Check with the landlord or letting agency if items such as a TV, kettle, toaster, and microwave are provided before spending your money. Most student houses and flats will provide desks and chairs in rooms for study purposes.

How to Pay Bills for Your Student Rent in London:

Depending on the student accommodation that you choose, you may pay the bills along with your rent or be required to arrange your own separately. Many students choose rentals where the bills are included in the rent for the convenience, although arranging utility bills yourself can sometimes help you save money. Check with student landlords London or a letting agency beforehand to find out if the bills are included or if you are responsible for arranging them. If you are sharing the accommodation with other students, there are several services you can use that are designed to help students find the best utility deals and easily split the rent payments. If the bills are not included in the rent, it will usually be your choice of which companies to go with, and you will be able to switch and save money at any time as long as you are not tied into a contract.

Credit and Eligibility Checks:

You may be required to undergo credit and other eligibility checks when renting a UK property as a student. If you are a UK student, this is typically a straightforward process to ensure that your student status is legitimate and that you are in receipt of student maintenance loan payments that will cover your rental payments. For international students, more extensive checks may be required before you are able to rent a student property. You will typically be required to provide proof of your right to study and live in the UK and financial details to ensure that the rental payments are affordable to you.

What documents do I need to rent a property in the UK if I am student.

  1. Valid in date passport (we will need to view the original document 28 days before your tenancy start date). This is a UK legal Requirement, Right to rent.
  2. Valid in date visa (we will need to view the original document 28 days before your tenancy start date). This is a UK legal Requirement, Right to rent.
  3. 3 months most recent bank statements – from your account that shows where you pay your rent
  4. Proof of studies dated within the last month
  5. Proof of address must be dated within three months of the tenancy start date. It must show an issue date.

The following forms of proof of place of residence are accepted: 

  • Energy provider bill – with your residential address mentioned for supply etc.
  • Bank letter confirming your residential address
  • UK Driving license (must have the date within 3 months of tenancy start date)
  • Mortgage statement
  • Certificate of voter registration
  • Correspondence between you and a government authority regarding the receipt of benefits such as a pension, unemployment benefits, housing benefits, etc.
  • Gas bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill
  • Cable company bill
  • Landline telephone bill
  • Doctors letter

If you would like to read more about the legal requirements of right to rent in the UK, please click here.

Hopefully the above information answers your question “What documents do I need to rent a property in the UK if I am student.”.  When you rent a flat through Greater London Properties, we work extremely hard to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible and keep you updated every step of the way.

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