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What to do if you have a loss of Water Supply In London?

What to do if you have a loss of Water Supply In London?

By Greater London Properties

Information from Thames Water If you are experiencing problems with your water supply, please consider the following questions. This will enable you to identify if there is a problem with our water or your pipework.

Is your inside stop valve fully opened?

The inside stop valve is also known as the internal stop tap or stopcock and can usually be found under the kitchen sink. You should be able to control the water entering your home at the inside stop valve.

If you have recently had plumbing work carried out, it is likely that this has been adjusted. Please ensure it has been fully re-opened.

You can locate your inside stop valve on the ‘clickable house’ tool on the Thames Water website

Has your external stop valve been operated recently or have Thames Water been carrying out work in the area?

This may indicate a problem with the external valve.

Please call the Thames Water 24 hour Customer Centre on 0845 9200 800 (Minicom or Typetalk: 0845 7200 898).


Your outside stop valve

The outside stop valve, also known as a stopcock or control valve controls the cold water supply going into your home. It is usually located at the boundary of your home.  Not all properties will have an outside stop valve fitted, and this is quite common if your home is very old, or if you share your incoming water supply with one or more  of your neighbours.

If you have a water meter fitted it will generally be located in the same pit or chamber.

The outside stop valve may need to be operated when carrying out plumbing work in your home and you need to isolate the incoming supply of water. For example, if you are repairing a leak on your supply pipe.

*You may not always know if Thames Water have been working in your area but you may have received a card through your letter box advising of planned works.

Having difficulty operating your outside stop valve?

If you are unable to turn your outside stop valve, please call Thames Water on 0845 9200 800 and they will visit you within seven working days. Lines are open 24 hours a day (Minicom or Typetalk: 0845 7200 898). A representative will try to open the valve but if this is not possible, you will be sent a contractor who will attend within 60 days.

Hopefully this answers your question ‘What to do if you have a loss of Water Supply in London’.

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