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What to do if you have a loss of Water Supply In London?

What to Do if You Have a Loss of Water Supply in London

Your water company is obliged to provide a constant supply of water to your home. However, on some occasions, this service might be interrupted due to emergencies or so that repairs can be carried out. You may be entitled to compensation if this happens.

Planned Interruptions to London Water Supply:

If there is a planned interruption to your water supply that is set to last more than four hours, Thames Water must provide you with written notice at least 48 hours prior. Thames Water must make sure that the supply of water to your home is restored by the time that is stated in the notice. If your water supply is not restored by this time you will usually be entitled to £20 compensation. You will also be eligible to claim £20 compensation if you are not provided with 48 hours’ notice of the interruption to your water supply. You will typically receive the compensation within twenty working days. If it takes longer, your compensation will be doubled to £40.

Emergency Water Outage London:

If there is an interruption to your water supply as a result of an emergency such as a burst main water pipe in your area, Thames Water must restore the supply within twelve hours of the time that they first become aware of the problem. 48 hours is given to restore the supply if it is related to an emergency situation with a strategic main pipe. When an emergency occurs, Thames Water should take reasonable steps to inform you and your neighbours of where you are able to get an alternative water supply while your supply is interrupted, the time by when the water supply is expected to be restored and contact information that you can use to get more information.

If You Have No Water Supply for Over Twelve Hours:

If the interruption to your water supply lasts for over twelve hours, your water company should provide an alternative supply such as bowsers (tankers provided to your street) or bottled water free of charge.

Compensation for Water Supply Issues:

You may be entitled to compensation if your water supply is not restored by the time that was provided to you by Thames Water. You will usually be entitled to the following:

  • £20 for the first 24 hours
  • £10 for any further 24-hour periods that your water supply is not restored
  • An additional £20 if you do not receive your compensation payment within twenty working days of the outage

Situations Where Compensation is Not Given:

If your water supply is out for longer than the planned period of time due to planned work or certain emergencies, you will usually be required to the above compensation. However, there are some circumstances where you will not be entitled to receive any compensation, even if your water supply is interrupted for longer than planned. You may not be entitled to compensation if the interruption to your supply lasts longer than expected due to industrial action by the employees of Thames Water or as a result of exceptional weather conditions.

How to Deal With Thames Water Problems in My Area if a Constant Supply is Needed:

If you require a constant supply of water to your home for medical reasons, you should get in touch with Thames Water as soon as you learn about a current or planned interruption to the water supply. You should ask to be added to their priority services list and inform them of your situation.

How to Report No Water Supply:

If you are experiencing low water pressure or a loss of water supply to your property, Thames Water has a step-by-step guide to help you work out the issue and how to repair it. Firstly, you can search for incidents in your area using the Thames Water interactive map where you can find information on the latest known incidents close by. If you cannot find any incidents in your area, you can try:

  • Check that water is coming out of your cold kitchen tap. This is usually the tap where the main water supply enters the home, so if you are getting water here but not elsewhere in your home, the problem may be with your home’s plumbing.
  • Check that both inside and outside stop valves are open
  • Check for frozen pipes
  • Check with your neighbours. The problem is likely to be with your plumbing if your neighbours are not experiencing the same problems with their water supply.

What to do if you have a loss of Water Supply In London?

By Greater London Properties

Information from Thames Water If you are experiencing problems with your water supply, please consider the following questions. This will enable you to identify if there is a problem with our water or your pipework.

Is your inside stop valve fully opened?

The inside stop valve is also known as the internal stop tap or stopcock and can usually be found under the kitchen sink. You should be able to control the water entering your home at the inside stop valve.

If you have recently had plumbing work carried out, it is likely that this has been adjusted. Please ensure it has been fully re-opened.

You can locate your inside stop valve on the ‘clickable house’ tool on the Thames Water website

Has your external stop valve been operated recently or have Thames Water been carrying out work in the area?

This may indicate a problem with the external valve.

Please call the Thames Water 24 hour Customer Centre on 0845 9200 800 (Minicom or Typetalk: 0845 7200 898).


Your outside stop valve

The outside stop valve, also known as a stopcock or control valve controls the cold water supply going into your home. It is usually located at the boundary of your home.  Not all properties will have an outside stop valve fitted, and this is quite common if your home is very old, or if you share your incoming water supply with one or more  of your neighbours.

If you have a water meter fitted it will generally be located in the same pit or chamber.

The outside stop valve may need to be operated when carrying out plumbing work in your home and you need to isolate the incoming supply of water. For example, if you are repairing a leak on your supply pipe.

*You may not always know if Thames Water have been working in your area but you may have received a card through your letter box advising of planned works.

Having difficulty operating your outside stop valve?

If you are unable to turn your outside stop valve, please call Thames Water on 0845 9200 800 and they will visit you within seven working days. Lines are open 24 hours a day (Minicom or Typetalk: 0845 7200 898). A representative will try to open the valve but if this is not possible, you will be sent a contractor who will attend within 60 days.

Hopefully this answers your question ‘What to do if you have a loss of Water Supply in London’.

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