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Flat 1, 20 Wimpole Street Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this watch video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Welcome to the viewing of lap 121 Bull Street. So you just come through it. And you’ve got this lovely, large hallway, going to come system. They’re also really high ceilings and plenty of room. If you want to put like a little coat rack or anything there in through. Here’s the lovely, modern bathroom. See? The towel real. You’ve got your Mary here. Actually becomes like a Centre perfect. For getting ready in the mornings.

Got your shower over a bath. Got these tiles are just so lovely. Nice and modern good condition as well. But your boiler in there and your gas, it is gas heated.

And through here, we’ve got the bedroom. Really good size. Double king-size bed, could fit in here. No problem.

Wardrobe space resting here.

Then I hear it’s really quiet. Lovely view though. You can see the BT Tower. I’m through here, really large living space. Like it’s huge, such a good size. And we do see the storage. It is on real on reopening the real and then you’ve got more in here, which is great for, you know, your suitcases and things like that.

And then you’ve got your lovely modern, kitchen, nice and tiled. Lovely lights there. Got your large fridge and freezer.

Got your dishwasher.

Got your washer dryer and then you’ve got all this storage space which is really good for a kitchen in a one-bedroom flat go oven and hob exactly someone and it is glass.

So that is everything that we know if you’ve got any questions.

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