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Flat 1, 6 Upper John Street. New studio flat in soho.

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Everyone thinks give it a couple of seconds is still a few people to jump onto the stream and then we’ll get started.

Perfect. So thanks for joining today at greater London properties. We are very excited to introduce to you. This beautiful studio apartment on the first floor of this discrete residential ported block. The apartment is situated. Just off the impressive, golden Square on upper John Street. We are also just seconds away from the well-known carnaby Street and kingly Court in terms of location. We are just, we got the apartment offers easy access to the city of London airports, and to many of the world’s best universities.

In terms of underground stations, we have Piccadilly Circus which is just a few minutes walk through Garden Square, which offers you the bakerloo and pick three lines. You’ve got Leicester Square, very close proximity, which is Northern and Piccadilly and then Oxford Circus Central Victoria and bakerloo as well. And you’ve also got the crossrail which should hopefully be coming shortly. So I’ll show you the studio apartment. The flat itself is 463 square foot switch, in terms of size is very similar to the one beds. You’ll find as well.

We have started off kind of in their open space. So if I come back with heared from the door, this is at the view you get as you enter the flat. As you can see, it’s in fantastic condition. The owner has actually remodeled this very recently wanting to create a luxury air-conditioned Hotel style en suite with a lavage wet room, which I’ll show you. So you got beautiful wood flooring throughout the apartment.

You’ve got your nice little set, a safer area.

The nice modern heaters on the wall, taking up less space and that’s where the TV unit. You’ve also got your

Cupboards for your clothes, Etc. And lots of storage space. So the owners used it as a Pied-à-terre. So whenever they’re in London, they have a great place to come and hang out your view of this you’re overlooking. As we set up a John Street to our left is golden Square, it w, the secondary glazing. So there’s absolutely no noise from the road. We’re on the first level and it does come.

A lift. Also, you’ve got your lovely kitchen area.

Or breakfast bar.

Again, Immaculate condition, amazing materials used with your dishwasher tucked away under the sink.

And a nice little kind of mini bar, style, fridge.

And the coffee machine.

Now this is a very impressive wet room, we discussed so amazing tiling gorgeous lights in.

I need a walk-in shower as well as very impressive.

Everything’s done here to the best condition and the most well-designed, sort out, flat.

I’ll show you where how the bed works, o2a, right as you enter. That is the front door there.

Tucked away in this for, I need cupboard. You’ve also got the air condition above. You have got your pullout bed, which will show you very simple to use.

So it’s just tucked away.

So you can’t see it when you’re entertaining, and then when you’re ready to go to bed, you simply just fold it down.

Like that ready to go, nice and easy, maybe even got some built-in.

Little shells in there as well. Very great design.


So that is the flat itself. The actual block is one of the best blocks in SoHo. It has got a day Porter and it also comes with parking, which is very well needed in this area. We are on the market for just 675 thousand pounds. The there are six floors in the whole block service charge is just over 4,000, which includes a reserve fund and the ground Runners just 60 pounds, massive benefit of the long lease.

Just nine hundred and thirty-seven Years. Also there is no chain here. So if you wanted something quickly, this is certainly the place for you. It’s perfect for people who want to work in London and just want to come here three to five days a week or a little kind of holiday Pad, but in terms of the actual finish, its you won’t find a better better plan. So we’re very much open for viewings. The best thing to do is contact me that my name is Dan and the

Mail is down at g l p dot Q dot u k or alternatively you can call the office number, which is zero two zero seven, seven three, four, four zero six. Two guys. Thank you so much for jumping on and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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