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Hi everyone, thanks for jumping on. I'm just going to give it a couple of seconds. I can see. There are few people still waiting to join a stream and then we'll get started.

Perfect. So everyone thanks for joining us today at greater London properties. Were very excited to introduce to you. This beautiful 4 bedroom, penthouse, or set on the 4th and 5th floor of an opposing period, building situated. Within, one of the loudest London's, finest two locations, we are in the Radner place which is located close to cannot Village, which has a variety of exclusive shops restaurants and cafes. It is also a very short walk away to the highly desirable Hyde Park, especially given the current climate it very desirable.

And you just moments away from Oxford Street and Paddington in terms of location and transport the apartment offers easy access to the city of London, easy, access to airports and to many of the world's best universities you have in terms of underground stations Marble Arch which is a central line and you have Paddington, which is British, Rail Heathrow, Express, bakerloo, District Circle, and Hammersmith and the crossrail when it finally comes in. So let me show you the flat. We've started in the really nice reception room where you

Got lots of room for kind of dining and the living space. The actual flat is 1848 square foot. So it's a really large for bed. I said walk around you guys. Double-glazed Windows. Beautiful wooden flooring.

As I said, it's really long room Seager in Philadelphia dining table and your living space where the south-facing overlooking read and amuse. Real nice, quiet spot.

If I walk to the other side of the room, you'll be able to see the Vantage from where you would place your TV. So you got really nice relaxing. So you can separate this room into two big dining relaxing space at the back entertainment space at the front.

Big benefit of this apartment features two bits of outside space. So we've got a really lovely Terrace Terrace coming off of the living space as a

Real nice to sit out here in a nice sunny day. Luckily the rain has stopped today. Otherwise we would have been a little bit wet.

Plugging says really nice and calm and quiet, the side of the building.

As you see, we are on the top. So that's the outside. So this is the top floor. Penthouse, of the Radnor Place property.

Okay, back through your really nice spotlights.

To give it plenty of light in the building. So, this is your common area. That's the front door. Huge benefit of this flat is, you have got lift access direct into your property, very New York.

We got the separate kitchen here and again, you'll realize double glazed window. Plenty of and it's fully fully stocked. Large double fridge.

Plenty of cupboard space.

Let's realize modern Fitness tiled, gas cooker.

This is your broiler.

Most common people under 30, they said it's a really nice view, overlooking some of London's rooftops.

As we come back out of the flat, the kitchen. As we take a right from, wouldn't it goes to carpet? This is your bedrooms.

Ooh bedrooms are really decent sizes, this probably the second largest, it's got a huge fit, a huge king-size bed here again you got dual aspect because it's a corner bedroom. So loads of light in this run to

Show you the other side of the bedroom.


Built-in storage.

As I said, this is a great size for a second bedroom.

As we come out to, right? We've got your first fan of bathroom.

Walk-in shower.

That's modern tile finish everything you'd expect.

As we go down the corridor you've got utilities see me washing machine washer dryer. Plenty of space up there as well to store anything you need to

And then this would be the main bedroom. So, as you can see, a really good size. Again, huge can fit a king-size bed here.

We've also got a really nice walking.

Walk-in wardrobe.

Fitted units.

That's myself. You'll see.

Again, both sides. So

Plenty of room for clothes.

In the room for a nice, little chair in the corner and you've got the en suite. So as main bedrooms go, it's pretty good. Your bathroom here.

Bath and shower.

Lovely. Wooden finish tiled. This had this for whole flight has been recently decorated, so you can really tell the condition

Straight ahead of us. We've got a third bedroom.

Again, lovely size for a third bedroom. You've got double-glazed windows again. This bedroom is facing south outside up to reach her and the Muse. And you've got your built-in storage too.

As we take a left to the back of the building again, your fourth bedroom, still an amazing size.

Can fit easily. Double Queen, possibly the King again. Looking at the South to random, use jewelry. Nice quiet. Quiet bedrooms built-in storage.

And you've also got another bathroom.

The back so you've got again, bathtub shower.

Very nice, modern tile finish and you've got your bath rack. So really nice. Latter apartment. I said span over. 1,800 square feet for decent really decent sized bedrooms.

What's the bathrooms? Plenty of room for entertaining as we go upstairs, massive bonuses. You got a really nice with private roof Terrace. This is the entrance way up. You got electronic shutter here.

And you can see this amazing space all for yourself.

On top, so really cool spot to hang out sunbathe.

The views are incredible.

But for the grace, guys,

Overlooking, all of ratna I park.

Rooftops really cool benefit to this Penthouse flat.

I have lots of fun at that.

As a head down.

Maybe one last look of the entertainment space. So as mentioned lift access.

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