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Flat 2, 36 Churchway, Euston. – 2 bed

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Hi everyone. Thanks for jumping on the livestream today. If you give me just 30 more seconds, I see. There’s a few people just jumping on apologies for being a tad late, technical issues.

Perfect. We’ll make a start. Thanks for joining us today at greater London properties. We are very excited to introduce to you this fantastic two-bedroom. First floor apartment set in his quiet residential Block in Houston. The apartment is a stone throw away from Euston train station, and a short walk away from Kings Cross, and the Eurostar Link at St. Pancras. One of Europe’s biggest regeneration and development projects that has been a benefit to the area. There is access to the amenities of Brunswick shopping center Russell.

We’re station. And we are also in walking distance to UCL and any other universities. So, perfect place to buy if you are ever have family looking to study in the area as well. So let me show you the flat. These flats are actually built in 2011. So as you can see, they’ve been kept up to a very high standard for a modern throughout. I’m starting the tour in the open plan kitchen, living area.

The owners have had this since they bought it from the developer, and you can tell everybody these look really great condition. You’re under floor, heating under the tiles. You’ve got built in.


Nice cooking area, induction hob, Ivan built-in microwave, and you’ve got your fridge freezer.

Tucked away as well in the unit.

To show you that one.

Perfect. They’ve created a little seating area.

And the corners to, you’ve got these lovely ceiling to high windows and you’ve also got access to three, different balconies from his door. So you get lots of natural light once you’re out here as well.

And here they’ve created a second bedroom by putting up a stud wall. If you did just want a one-bed you could easily take that out and actually have this as your living space, but I said you got plenty of room here as an office. A second bedroom. Whatever is that you guys need? There is the space here to do it. So if I give you a tool from the back

Again, same time throughout good ceiling height here and divorce. As I said, it is the underfloor heating to as we walk towards the door to the left. We’ve got a really nice modern bathroom.

Rudy well-told and decorated.

Big Windows. You got your bath and you’ve also got the rain shower there as well.

In front of us, is the entrance. And to the left. You’ve got a real nice utility cupboard. We’ve also got your underfloor heating boiler. So everything is tucked away and it can really neat.

And then opposite, we have got the really large bedroom.

Again, big windows.

Looking to the left of the building we’ve got offices and you’ve got some built-in wardrobes Pasty.

So really great flat, I think the main feature for this is the underfloor heating, the really lovely and modern style appliances in the kitchen area and access to lunch Central London. You’ve literally Euston is the other side of the end of that road.

This one is on the first floor.

You have got a lift as well. You’re nice secure entrance way to doors, that grab downstairs on the ground floor.

You have got a really long lease of a hundred and fourteen years and the service charge is 3200 a year, which does include the contribution to some countries. We reserve fund. And as I mentioned before location-wise, you got Kings Cross and Houston on your doorstep. This is just on the market for 530,000.

And to be in a location like this, it’s very reasonable.

We are open for physical viewings. Best way to contact me is by my email, which is Dan @ GL, P dot code at UK, or you can also call our office number at zero two zero seven, seven three, four, four zero, six two, but thanks so much for jumping on. If you have any further questions, do you give me a call? Or if you’d like to book a viewing? Look forward to hearing from you? Thanks so much.

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