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I have one apologies for the delay, had some technical issues, but we are here. And what's going to give it a couple of seconds, just to make sure everyone has logged back in.

Perfect. So hi everyone. Thanks for joining us today at greater London properties. Were very excited to introduce to you. This beautiful three-bedroom apartment on the second floor of this imposing period. Building situated as one of the London's finest locations. Speaking of location to this is Radnor place, which is very close to cannot Village, which is a variety of exclusive shops restaurants and cafes. It is also a very short walk to slightly desirable Hyde Park. You also just moments away from Oxford Street and Paddington in terms of access

To the London, we have got the Marble Arch Tube Station, just a short walk away which the central line, the Paddington Station, which is British Rail Heathrow Express, basically District Circle Hammersmith & city lines. And you've also got the crossrail, but let me show you the flat. We have got 1390 square foot. So it's a really decent size. And as you can see, from the initial pictures, start of the living space with these lovely three, impose and bay windows, which are really looking.

And out to Radnor amuse. So, south-facing, get lots of natural light. It gives you really good aspect of space there.

Beautiful wood flooring throughout this apartment.

It's been dressed very well. So you can kind of get an idea of where you put your own Furniture if you were to move and lots of space for a dining table as well.

Just give you another view from the corner.

So is a really really nice, large living living space as we exit.

If we go straight ahead, we've got lovely separate kitchen. Bespoke kitchen. Lots of space again, and lovely sash, windows overlooking read and review. So, again, lots of light through here,

Combi boiler, gas oven.

Plenty of storage in the cupboards areas. Lots of infant. Cooking most neutral colors, big double fridge freezer.

So, just lovely and lovely light, and bright Spotlight. Throughout this one Department in the ceilings.

As we head back out to our right in between the living and kitchen area. You've got a real nice third bedroom.

Again, south-facing, overlooking, ratna Muse.

And plenty of room for a double bed here.

Give you another view from the



That's the exit. My right hand side is the two double doors. You've got a nice little utility area.

Perfect spacing that you fuse box and service area that as well to see you there perfect opposite. Utility spots, you've got your family bathroom.

What a lovely. Walk in shower again, really nicely done finished. Beautiful tiling nice and modern.

Extra storage space. So there's opposite, the front door. So you can put your coats and shoes away. Everything is neat and tidy, that is the front entrance. Nice and secure, you've ordered a second entrance as you go in as well. You also going to lift the, we are on the second floor here as mentioned, and there's lift lift access. If you've got your shopping making life a lot easier for you.

As we enter left hand side, you have a beautiful, large main bedroom, double window. So again, lots of light,

You have large en-suite big built-in storage area.

Bathtub and lovely walk-in shower. So really big bathroom actually

Once you finish like the other bath, we just saw

And then this is the view from the as you enter the gag to the bathroom. So you got your nice cupboards, their large Windows, big wedding.

And then opposite.

Pick up your second bedroom. Say I sent three bedrooms in total again, second bedroom, really lovely size, big enough for a king-size bed. They're lovely ceiling height as well. Your double windows, and you've also got your en suite. You got a bathtub,

So it's a 3 bed. 3 bath guys, 1,300 square foot.

Lovely condition, great location. As I said, right next to Hyde Park and the immunities of cannot Village, let's give you one last look of the living space because it really is a cracking area.

Can I spend a lot of time in here and detaining? We are very much. Open for physical viewings. The flat is on the market for 1.6 million if you'd like to organize your have any questions following on from this? Please do. Give me a call and O2 07734 for Series 6 2 or alternatively, you can just give me an email at Dan @. JL P dot code or UK, least length. Yes, thanks Henry. There is a hundred forty eight years so really good. Lease length. There's no chain here. It's

Newton neck decorated. As you can see by the video, you can get a parking permit and there is a lift. So it really, really great apartment. If you want to be in the center of London, the guys. Thank you so much for jumping on and I hope to look forward to introducing cheers. Bye.

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