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Thanks to the rich railway history of this area, Euston is a very well-known location in London for those who live both in and out of the city alike. Euston is located in North London and is the home of Euston Station, one of the largest, most important transport hubs in the city. Euston Station was established in 1936, at the height of the Industrial Revolution. At the time, it became the first railway station in London to provide journeys that connected London with the wider UK, stretching as far as Birmingham. Today, you can get rail services from Euston to almost anywhere in the country.

Why an Apartment in Euston?

There are many great reasons to consider apartments for sale in Euston. Euston apartments for sale are often a popular choice with commuters who work outside of the capital but enjoy living there, but the great transport links are not the only reason to consider moving to this area. Euston is also home to a range of fantastic historical landmarks and has a rich literary culture, with sites like 48 Doughty Street - the London home of Charles Dickens - and the British Library, where you can browse millions of interesting items.

Restaurants and Dining in Euston:

While those who don’t live here might only know it for the train station, there’s actually quite a lot on offer in Euston when it comes to dining out. In fact, apartments for sale in Euston, London are close to some of the best dining experiences in the capital with tons of different restaurants to choose from. The station itself is also home to several fantastic restaurants and eateries. Camden High Street is just a short walk away where you can find excellent restaurants, cafes and food stalls. Parkway is another brilliant choice.

What’s There to Do in Euston?

When it comes to entertainment and things to do, Euston might not be the first area of London that comes to mind - but it actually offers more than you might realise. The Shaw Theatre, which is famous around the world for its contemporary dance shows, is just a stone’s throw away, as is Teatro Technis, which offers a varied selection of exciting shows and performances. If you prefer nightlife, Camden Town is in easy walking distance and you can get to big-name clubs like KOKO, a hugely popular club and concert venue that often hosts gigs from famous names like Kanye West and Madonna.

Shopping in Euston:

If you like to spend your weekend shopping until you drop and are looking for apartments for sale, Euston is a great option. You are never very far away from a shopping district when you live here and a quick tube or bus journey will have you at Oxford Street or Covent Garden in no time. You can also easily get to Camden Town on foot where you’ll find a range of market stalls with something to suit everybody on offer.


Apartments for sale near Euston are very well-connected thanks to the proximity to the train station. You can easily catch a train to any major UK city and the Underground station is served by several tube lines, allowing you to get anywhere in London with ease.

If you’d like to live in an area of London with superb travel connections, Euston is a great choice.

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