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Apartments for sale in St James’s will leave you feeling like royalty thanks to the close proximity to St James’s Palace and are ideal for anybody who is looking to live in an affluent, prestigious area of London. St James’s is the home to several aristocrats, royal family members, and members of the city’s upper class. It’s no surprise that it is considered by many as the place to be, and there are plenty of gorgeous apartments for sale in St. James’s, London.

Why Buy an Apartment in St. James’s?

Anybody who wants to live in a well-respected area that is popular with members of the Royal Family may be interested in apartments for sale near St. James’s. St. James’s apartments for sale are located in a very highly affluent area that’s worth the investment in, and there are several different types of properties to choose from. Many of the apartments for sale here are located in converted period mansions, and many of the properties around you will be homes that belong to wealthy families and have been passed down through the generations.

What Can You Do in St. James’s?

If you want refined and elegant entertainment in the location where you’re looking for apartments for sale, St. James’s will be an ideal choice for you. This area couldn’t be any more different from the busy, rowdy party areas of London. There is a range of high-class, refined gentlemen’s clubs where men from the aristocracy, high military ranks and aristocracy spend their time. The area has several boutique stores and independent shops; you will certainly not find anything that is mass-produced here. Cheaply made items are impossible to find in St. James’s but if you’re looking for unique and valuable antiques or expertly handcrafted items, you’re in the right place.

About St. James’s Palace:

If you’re looking to move to St. James’s, you will probably want to learn more about the main attraction in the area - the Palace. St James’s Palace today is one of the main working palaces in London and you are likely to see members of the royal family coming and going on a regular basis. Although the palace is actually older than Buckingham Palace, it didn’t become a key location for the royals until Queen Victoria made it her residence in the 1830s. Today, it serves as the headquarters for many royal functions like the Royal Collection Trust.


St. James’s has fantastic transport links into the wider city, making it an ideal choice for anybody who nee

With excellent transport links to choose from when you live in St. James’s, investing in property for sale near St. James’s is ideal for anybody who needs to get in and out of the centre of London quickly. St. Jame’s Park Underground station is in easy walking distance and serves the Circle and District lines with quick access to key transport thumbs like Victoria station and Westminster. The area is also quite close to vibrant, creative Soho and the West End is easily reached by bus or Tube.

If you are looking to invest in an upper-class, affluent area of London, St. James’s could be the perfect option for you. Properties here are worth millions and have been passed down through generations of royals and aristocrats, many of whom still call St. James’s home.

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