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With a long-standing reputation as an area that was once frequented by wealthy aristocrats, Mayfair has long been one of the most desirable and valuable areas in the city of London. However, those looking to find a house for sale in Mayfair may be glad to hear that while this location is still very wealthy and well-to-do, things have begun to change in recent times, with a larger younger population thanks to a huge influx of young people moving here from overseas.

Why Buy in Mayfair?

Homes to buy in Mayfair make an excellent investment opportunity since this area is widely seen as one of the most desirable in London. Along with the gorgeous properties available in Mayfair for sale, the area is a very attractive place to live with high-end restaurants, shops, bars, and the nearby St. James’s Park. There’s something for everybody here, making it an ideal option to find property for sale near Mayfair whether you want to live in Mayfair yourself or invest in a property to rent. There are various types of properties available to choose from in Mayfair to buy, whether you want a large, Georgian townhouse or a sleek and modern apartment.

Things to Do in Mayfair:

Those moving to Mayfair will find a huge selection of things to see and do in the surrounding areas. There are tons of excellent bars and restaurants that can easily be reached on foot, including firm local favourites like Nobu, Jamavar, Corrigan’s Mayfair, and Sackville’s, with a selection of cuisines on offer from fine British dining to delectable Asian and Indian menus. There’s also a wide range of shopping opportunities in the area; as you would expect, mass-produced and cheaply made items are not very commonplace here, but you can find plenty of independent designer boutiques, furniture stores, and skilled craftsmen selling their wares.

Mayfair Cost of Living:

Since it is one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in London, the cost of living here is slightly higher compared to the rest of the city. Along with the costs of buying a home, it’s also worth considering any additional fees and charges that you may incur when living in Mayfair, such as the price of residential parking if you choose to have a car - although the excellent transport links mean that it’s certainly not a necessity.


Getting around London and beyond is easier than ever for those who live in Mayfair, with Bond Street, Green Park, and Piccadilly Circus Underground stations just a short distance away. Residents can easily access all Underground lines from these tube stations, and as a key transport hub, Piccadilly Circus provides links to major train stations like Kings Cross St Pancras and Euston, where you can catch trains to major UK cities and parts of Europe.

If you want to invest in property in an affluent and wealthy part of London, Mayfair is the perfect location for you. With easy access to the rest of London and gorgeous properties to choose from, it’s ideal for singles, couples, and families alike.

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