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Properties in Knightsbridge to buy are an excellent investment choice as they are located in one of the most desirable areas in London. A location that attracts celebrities, aristocrats, and wealthy dignitaries, property here often sell for in the millions, and the area has often come up at the top of property-rich lists.

Why Buy in Knightsbridge?

Aside from being an excellent area to invest your money in a property if you are looking for a high return on investment, Knightsbridge is also an excellent place to live for residential home buyers looking to move here. Homes on Knightsbridge Road sell for an average of over fifteen million pounds, and the area is certainly one of prestige, glamour, and lots of wealth.

Properties Available:

Properties in Knightsbridge for sale tend to be stunning, with amazing listed Victorian buildings and beautiful garden squares that make this area one of the most aesthetically pleasing in the whole of London. Distinctive houses line the street from the beautiful white stucco townhouses in the Grosvenor Estate to the Cadogan Estate’s stand-out red-brick properties. If you are looking to invest in a period home for your family or as an investment property, we have a range of stunning houses to buy in Knightsbridge.

Things to Do in Knightsbridge:

Find your perfect home for sale near Knightsbridge and along with living in one of the most beautiful areas in London, you will also have plenty of options on your doorstep when it comes to things to do. Right on your doorstep, you will find some of the most luxurious and exclusive shopping destinations worldwide, with gorgeous designer boutiques to explore and high-end department stores like Harrods. And when it comes to gastronomy, there’s something for everybody, including not one but three Michelin-starred restaurants offering delectable menus.

Family-Friendly Area:

Many of the properties for sale in Knightsbridge are the perfect homes for families and this area, unlike many other London locations, is ideal for those with young children. There are many beautiful family homes to choose from in this area, although large modern apartments might also be an ideal option for you too. Nearby you can find a selection of highly-rated and prestigious schools including Francis Holland School, the Knightsbridge School, and Garden House. Those with older children often favour this area for its range of excellent universities, including The Royal Colleges of Art and Music and Imperial College London, which have turned Knightsbridge into a very popular choice of location for students.


Anybody working or studying in the centre of London will find that Knightsbridge is the ideal central location, with excellent transportation links into the centre. There are four Underground stations in close walking distance of the residential areas allowing you to get into the various key areas of London in very little time.

If you want to invest in a property in a prestigious area of London that’s perfect for families, Knightsbridge is the ideal choice for you. Here you will find gorgeous family homes, all well-connected to the city centre.

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