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Bloomsbury is a London district that has an incredibly distinct character. From its unique architecture to an atmosphere of intellectualism and discovery, Bloomsbury has a very particular charm. There are lots of great reasons to make Bloomsbury your home.

Why Live In Bloomsbury?

Bloomsbury is renowned as being London’s intellectual centre. There are numerous academic institutions located in the area, making a studio for sale Bloomsbury a reliable investment for anyone raising a family. There are several highly-rated schools, colleges, and universities in and around Bloomsbury. If you have children of any age and you are planning for their academic futures, Bloomsbury is a great place to buy a property.

Residents of Bloomsbury don't just get several renowned museums on their doorsteps; they also get free entry. For many people, this alone makes studios for sale in Bloomsbury worth the asking price.

As well as its impressive academic credentials, Bloomsbury is also a hotspot for foodies. There are multiple Michelin-starred restaurants in Bloomsbury. Like many of the studios for sale in Bloomsbury London, a lot of these restaurants are situated within converted Grade II listed buildings.

What Is There To Do In Bloomsbury?

Bloomsbury's biggest draw is almost certainly its museums. The British Museum has a regularly rotating carnival of exhibitions for you to check out. There are exhibits from around the world, representing the histories of numerous countries and cultures. Of course, the British Museum also contains countless artefacts from the British Isles. As well as the exhibitions on display, there is also a lot of work going on behind the scenes to analyse and catalogue new pieces.

Bloomsbury studios for sale are also popular with families because the area contains a variety of gardens and memorial squares. The architecture in Bloomsbury is fitting for the area. The buildings are very formal in their design, and many of them are imposing when you stand in their shadow.

Getting Around:

A key selling point of studios for sale near Bloomsbury is the strong public transportation links. There are three Tube stations within Bloomsbury. These stations alone make getting around London a breeze. But couples with several Overground railway stations, it is remarkably easy to travel into Bloomsbury for students and commuters.


Museums are the big draw for Bloomsbury. Despite the heavy concentration of colleges and universities, Bloomsbury doesn’t have much of a nightlife to speak of. Fortunately, just wandering the streets of this beautiful area is an enjoyable experience.

Cost Of Living:

Bloomsbury is quite an expensive area to live in but still represents good value. Property prices are in line with the rest of London’s famous West End. However, many properties in Bloomsbury have significant historical importance, which makes them worth even more to the right person.

As London’s intellectual centre, Bloomsbury doesn’t disappoint. If you are a bookworm or history nerd, Bloomsbury will be heaven for you. Greater London Properties has several properties in Bloomsbury on our books. You can use our website to search available properties and book a viewing today.

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