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Most people imagine living in London as being quite busy and fast-paced, but if you’d prefer to live somewhere quieter and more peaceful while being close to the city, and are looking for a studio for sale, Fitzrovia could be the ideal option for you. Studios for sale in Fitzrovia are located in a quieter area of London with a distinct village vibe, while still being in close proximity to the wider city.

Why Buy a Studio in Fitzrovia?

Fitzrovia studios for sale are the ideal option for anybody who would like to live in a more peaceful area of London, but with the big city right there on their doorstep. If you’d prefer to call a more close-knit, quiet village-like area home but don’t want the hassle of a long commute into London for work or study, Fitzrovia could be the ideal opportunity for you. Living here means that you are only ever a short distance away from the busy streets of London, while still feeling like you’re quite some distance away from the city.

Restaurants and Dining in Fitzrovia:

If you love dining out, then studios for sale near Fitzrovia could be an ideal option for you. There are several fantastic options on offer for food and drink, with a range of international cuisines to choose from alongside delicious British classic served at popular eateries like The Riding House Cafe. There’s even a restaurant that offers a gorgeous seaside-style dining experience right in the centre of the city; head to The Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack if you really want to feel like you are as far away from London as possible. For an awesome night out, head to the London Cocktail Club, where you can find a brilliant collection of delicious and inventive cocktails on the menu.

Things to Do in Fitzrovia:

Studios for sale in Fitzrovia, London, are ideally located for anybody who wants to live close by to a huge range of great things to see and do. If you are interested in architecture and design, The Building Centre is a really intriguing museum located nearby with an impressive range of exhibitions to explore. The Dominion Theatre is another popular choice for something to do, with a huge selection of shows, musicals, performances and more on offer on a regular basis. Shoppers will love the fact that Fitzrovia is very close to Oxford Street with its huge range of popular high street stores to choose from.


Fitzrovia’s village charm might leave you feeling like you’re not in the capital city any longer but getting to any area of London is easier than ever with a wide range of brilliant transport connections right on your doorstep. Tottenham Court Road is the nearest Underground Station where you can easily find connections to major areas of the city, including Liverpool Street, which you can reach in mere minutes.

If you’d like to live in a charming, village-like area of London, Fitzrovia is the perfect choice for you.

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