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As the biggest financial district in London and home to the Stock Exchange and several business headquarters, most people view The City as somewhere to work rather than somewhere to live. Although the district can often feel like more of a ghost town once everybody leaves work at the end of the day, The City studios for sale are becoming increasingly popular with the professionals who would like to work and live in the same area. If you work here and are looking for a studio for sale, The City is a fantastic option for anybody who wants to avoid the commute.

Why Buy a Studio in The City?

Studios for sale in the City, London, are an excellent choice for anybody who works in the financial district and wants to be close to the office. If you are a professional working in The City and want the best opportunity at building your career, living nearby makes perfect sense. However, close proximity to work is not the only great reason to consider moving to The City. The area may be better known for its businesses and career opportunities but there is also a huge range of things to do, restaurants, bars and more nearby for you to enjoy.

Restaurants and Dining in The City:

Studios for sale near the city are not only close to the financial district but also located in a gastronomical paradise. Those who love going out to eat will certainly not have any shortage of opinions to choose from here with a sheer number of restaurants and diners to choose from. Whether you are looking for somewhere to grab a tasty bite to eat for lunch, want to sample interesting cuisines from around the world or enjoy a fine dining experience, there is something for everybody here. The Leadenhall Market is an ideal option for tasty street food or head to Finsbury Circus for delicious dishes from around the world.

Shopping and Things to Do:

Those who would like to be close to plenty of entertainment and shopping options where you live, studios for sale in the City are a great choice. Although it may not be known as a retail district, The City does have plenty of stores to explore and there are several great market stalls where you can find an abundance of unique items and hidden gems. You can easily get lost exploring the awesome Leadenhall Market; the market itself is a fantastic attraction with gorgeous Victorian architecture.


As one of the busiest and most congested districts in London, it’s safe to say that transportation to and from The City is not difficult. There are twelve different London Underground stations in the area, providing you with the fastest and most convenient way to get around London from your home. While most residents here do not feel the need for a car due to the fantastic public transport, you can benefit from a huge 90% discount on the congestion charge if you drive.

Most people know of The City as a coveted place to work, but this area is also becoming a popular residential area among professionals.

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