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If you would like to live in an affluent area of London that is popular with the Royals and are looking for a studio for sale, St James’s could be the perfect area for you. Home to the working St James’s Palace and several Royals, aristocrats, and upper-class members of society, St James’s is one of the most prestigious and well-to-do areas of London with a range of gorgeous properties on offer. If you want to live in ‘the place to be’, studios for sale in St James’s could be the perfect choice for you.

Why Buy a Studio in St James’s?

If you would like to like a well-respected area of the capital city where you’re likely to be rubbing shoulders with aristocrats and Royal family members, studios for sale in St James’s, London will certainly appeal to you. This area is highly affluent, and the properties here have great investment value. There are several types of properties to choose from and many of the studio apartments here are located in converted period mansions and villas from the Georgian and Victorian eras. Many properties in this area belong to seriously wealthy and respected families and have been passed down through the generations for centuries.

What’s There to Do in St James’s?

Studios for sale near St James’s are the ideal choice for anybody who wants to live in an area where they are surrounded by refined, classy entertainment and things to do. St James’s is a far cry from many of the busier, more party-like areas of London and the main form of entertainment here comes from a range of refined gentlemen’s clubs where you can mingle with men from the military, aristocracy and even the Royal Family. When it comes to shopping, you definitely won’t find any mass-produced or off-the-rack items. If you enjoy antiques, bespoke tailored and handcrafted items, and unique designer gems, shopping in St James’s will be ideal for you.

St James’s Palace:

St James’s Palace is certainly one of the main attractions in this area. St James’s studios for sale are close to this popular working palace where you may be able to catch a glimpse of members of the Royal Family going about their daily business. Built by Henry IIIV, St James’s Palace is older than Buckingham Palace but has only been regularly used by the Royals since Queen Victoria made it her residence in the 1830s. Today, it has become one of the main working palaces and Royal residences in London and is home to the office headquarters of many royal functions and organisations.


With great transport links to the rest of London, St James’s is an ideal choice for anyone who needs to get into and out of the city centre conveniently. You can get the tube from St James’s Park Underground station, which serves the Circle and District lines and provides several connections into key areas of the capital.

If you’d like a studio in an upper-class, affluent area of London that’s popular with Royals, St James’s is an ideal choice for you.

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